Many phrases for mothers, fathers and children

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For every occasion ... there is the right sentence! Precisely for this reason we have collected for you the most beautiful phrases published on our site for every important event concerning the life of the family and, of course, children, mothers and fathers! Here, below, what they are. Enjoy the reading!


Pregnancy: 14 sentences by famous authors

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Do you have to write a note for a gift to a pregnant woman? Do you want to dedicate an author's phrase on pregnant woman to a friend of yours? Here are some famous phrases, classic or not, about ...

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  • Carnival phrases, nursery rhymes and aphorisms
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Greeting phrases for the birth

If you want to congratulate new parents for the arrival of a new baby, here is a repertoire with lots of phrases about the birth to write on a note.

Among these: "Dear Giovanna and Luca, congratulations! You have become the parents of a splendid child who will fill you with joy every day of your life. May our best wishes reach you very much".

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Beautiful phrases for a birth: 20 ideas to copy to wish happiness to new parents

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Was the baby of a friend or family member born and you don't know where to start to send greetings to new parents? Don't worry, here are some ideas to inspire you to ...


Birth phrases: 10 famous quotes

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A baby is born: here are 10 beautiful phrases by famous authors to dedicate to the little one who has just come into the world. You can write them on cards that will accompany your gifts for the new ...

Phrases about being a mom

Motherhood takes on a thousand incredible meanings and makes you feel emotions that have never been felt before. We tried to collect all the best quotes about motherhood.

Among these: "You know you are a mother ... as soon as you see those two red strips".


Being a mom: the 130 most beautiful phrases

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"A mother is a person with special gifts: a thousand arms, a thousand eyes and a thousand legs". "You know you're a mom when you rock an empty stroller." "Behind every mother ...

Phrases and aphorisms about parenting

Becoming a parent takes you into a new and incredible dimension, in which everything is new. Here are some of the most beautiful phrases about being a parent, but also the most beautiful aphorisms dedicated to mom.

Among them: "The most important thing parents can teach their children is how to get on without them." (Frank A.)


Maria Montessori: the 10 most famous phrases

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Trust children, educate them to independence, give importance to contact with nature. These are just some of the principles of Maria Montessori's educational method that provides ...

Baby first birthday phrases

The first birthday is a truly unique event and you have to celebrate it in the right way. Here are 20 greeting phrases to dedicate to babies or to write on colored cards.

Among these: "For the world you can only be a person, but for some people - and that is, for your parents - you can be the world". (Gabriel García Márquez)

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Phrases to dedicate to dad

Along with the phrases to dedicate to mom, there are also those for dad, to show him all your love. Here are many ideas to take inspiration from. Always for the father, chores, phrases and gifts.

Among these: "Every man can be a father. It takes a special person to be a father".

Phrases for Valentine's Day

So many love phrases to dedicate to children for Valentine's Day? We have collected them for you. You can write with your children on love notes on the day dedicated, par excellence, to love. Here are the most beautiful.

Among these: "A kiss, in short, what is a kiss? A pink apostrophe between the words 'I love you'". (Edmond Rostand)


Valentine's Day: 30 author phrases of LOVE for HIM

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Valentine's Day is approaching. Here are 30 wonderful and affectionate phrases to dedicate to your husband or partner to thank him for her presence. From famous quotes to ...


Valentine's Day: the most beautiful phrases about love written by mothers

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Here is a collection of the most beautiful love quotes written by users. To dedicate to your beloved, your beloved or your children on Valentine's Day. That...

Phrases, nursery rhymes and aphorisms for Carnival

Anything goes at carnival time. Many authors have dedicated funny phrases to the celebration of this cheerful holiday: here are the most beautiful and fun.

Among these: "At carnival the whole world is young, even the old. At carnival the whole world is beautiful, even the ugly". (Nicolaï Evreïnov, playwright)

Easter greetings for children

For you many phrases and aphorisms to wish Happy Easter with the children. You will find classic and funny phrases, as well as religious ones. Here many ideas to inspire you.

Among these: "If Easter were a magical and colorful brush, surely the world would be more beautiful. But luckily in my world, among the beautiful things, you too are enlightening my life every day more".

First Communion and Confirmation Phrases

Is your son (or daughter) about to receive first communion or confirmation and you want to send unforgettable greetings? For you, many beautiful phrases to refer to.

Among these is a phrase for First Communion: "Today with First Communion, you will receive a precious good; keep it forever in your heart. May the Lord accompany you in a life full of joy".

Phrases for grandparents

The phrases to dedicate to grandparents, to tell them that they are important and dear, cannot be missing from the list. Here are the cutest ones.

Among these: "The simplest toys, the ones that even the smallest child can use, are called grandparents". (Sam Levenson)

Phrases for Women's Day

  • "Being a woman is so fascinating ... It is an adventure that requires such courage, a challenge, which never ends." (Oriana Fallaci)
  • «Without women's smiles, the world would be eternally dark…». (Fabrizio Caramagna)
  • "The world would be imperfect without the presence of the woman." (St. Thomas Aquinas)

Phrases against bullying

  • The Bully is just an inflated ball. Let's deflate it.
  • It's easy to blame the weaker ones. What if tomorrow is you the weak one?
  • Let's unbolt.
  • It is not great who needs to make you feel small.
  • Bullying is toxic. It kills.

Phrases by Gianni Rodari about children

  1. "Mistakes are necessary, useful as bread and often also beautiful: for example the tower of Pisa".
  2. “You can never be sure what a child learns by watching television. And its ability to creatively react to the visible must never be underestimated ».
  3. "Every eye catches everything and never misses anything: whoever looks at the sky last does not find it less brilliant".
  4. "Will a 'book' with two bs just be a heavier book than the others, or a wrong book, or a very special book?"

Phrases about children's smiles

  1. "Children learn to smile from their parents." (Shinichi Suzuki)
  2. “There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a happy and smiling child. I always help as much as I can, even if it's just signing an autograph. The child of a smile is worth more than all the money in the world ». (Lionel Messi)
  3. “Does the smile that trembles on a child's lips when he sleeps know where someone was born? Yes, it is said that a young pale beam of the crescent moon touched the outline of a fading autumn cloud and there was born the smile in the dream of a morning washed by dew. " (Rabindranath Tagore)

Phrases for pregnancy

Are you interested in the quotes of famous authors about pregnancy? Do you have to write a note for a gift to a pregnant woman? Do you want to dedicate an author's phrase on pregnant woman to a friend of yours? Here are some famous phrases, classic or not, about pregnancy.

Among these: "Babies are fragments of stardust blown by the hand of God. Lucky the woman who knows the pangs of childbirth because she has kept a star inside her". (Larry Barretto) You may also be interested in: Most beautiful phrases to dedicate to children

Phrases about coffee ... for moms

On the occasion of World Coffee Day on October 1st, we have collected the most irreverent and funny phrases on this topic.

  1. "I hope your coffee is strong today, your Monday short and your son sleeps all night!"
  2. "You are tired. You don't fit in your pants anymore. Your coffee is often cold. You are a mother ».
  3. "Happiness? A cup of coffee, a good book and ... be your mom! ».
  4. «I am a mother. That's why I need the coffee ».
  5. “Mothers need coffee. Lots of coffee. Lots of coffee ».
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