Masha and the Bear, all there is to know about the cartoon beloved by children

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Loved by the little ones, Masha and Bear and the Russian cartoon that has won the hearts of children all over the world.

Let's find out together therefore, the story of Masha and the Bear; the secrets about episodes of Masha and the Bear, what lies behind the initials of Masha and the Bear and the arrival of Masha and the Bear at the cinema with a movie.

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Masha and the Bear, the story

Masha and the Bear, the story

The story is that of a consolidated and beautiful friendship, made up of adventures and vicissitudes, pranks and vivacity: Masha is a child solar who often gets into trouble; at her side the inseparable friend Bear, always ready to welcome you, advise you and help you. She is unstoppable, he - a former circus animal - loves relaxation, peace and domestic tranquility.

Bear he would spend his days watching TV or fishing and relaxing, but ... Yes, there is one thing: Masha's pranks always keep him attentive and never allow him to relax. The idleness of the former circus champion is never contemplated, Masha requires too much attention!

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While children are attracted precisely by the unusual relationship between this somewhat exuberant child and her extraordinary but unusual friend, mothers and fathers will not be able to help but review the relationship that binds parents and children in the two characters.

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Masha and the Bear episodes

Three seasons for a total of 64 episodes (until today): here are the numbers of the Russian cartoon that has enchanted children all over the world and that always gives educational stories and teachings for the little ones.

Nothing explicit, as the cartoons want: however, it is very evident that the friendly relationship that binds Masha and her friend the Bear, the mutual attention of the two protagonists and their affection, are a winning metaphor of the relationship between adult (Bear) and child (Masha).

Success also passes through the virtual world: the cartoon's official Facebook page has over 5 million likes registered (compared to over 2,5 million for Peppa) and thousands of photos posted showing the children wearing the costume of Masha, the protagonist cardboard.

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Masha and the Bear theme song

The peculiarity of the initials of the cardboard Masha and Bear it is one: no words appear, it is only a strongly rhythmic and irresistible music for children who cannot help but beat time with their feet and hands!

Sold in 120 countries, Masha and Bear has also gained acclaim on YouTube, where it has totaled over a billion views: obviously this number is destined to skyrocket and the success of the cartoon remains constant, thanks also to the stories it tells and the way to do it, with freshness and sympathy.

Masha and the Bear games

La Masha's vivacity and sweetness of Bear have made these two characters among the most loved for children. For this very reason, so many have been created and designed games for children freely inspired by the two inseparable friends: there is no shortage of easily available online ones, or apps from Google Play and the AppStore that you can download with a click. The classic boxed games, on the other hand, are for children of all ages: Masha's picnic basket, the Sapientino Penna Basic, up to the puzzles and the scooter.

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Masha and the Bear movie

In 2022 the first film dedicated and inspired by the famous cartoon was released: "Masha and the Bear friends forever", also arrived in Del Paese with 8 episodes re-proposed in a cinematic key whose titles are "Action, Leap into the past ", "SuperMasha", "Dance fever ", "The cry of victory ", "A case for Masha ", "Variety is on the air ", "See you soon".

Masha and the Bear - New friends

The two protagonists of the cartoon have arrived at the cinema again and this time with new stories, adventures and pranks for the public of children: for the first time Masha will have to face ghost stories, a driving lesson and so on and so forth. After the cinematic parenthesis, there is also a surprise for all cartoon fans! Starting from September 2022, the episodes of "Masha and the Bear - New friends" will be broadcast on television to the delight of children and the whole family.


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It's the cartoon of the moment. Much loved by young and old: Masha and the Bear. Together with the two protagonists there are many characters who appear in turn in the various episodes of the series ....

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