Maternal love increases the development of the baby's brain

The benefits of a mother's love seem to have no boundaries; a recent research developed byUniversity of Washington has produced interesting results which have been published online on the platform Pnas, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences: maternal support would in fact help to significantly increase the growth ofhippocampus, the area of ​​the brain in the frontal lobe where the long-term memory and spatial perception.

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The study on preschool children and up to early adolescence

Researchers came to these conclusions following observation using brain scans of 127 children, who were monitored from preschool through early adolescence. The type of relationship of mothers towards their children was measured through direct observation or thanks to constant video recordings.

These scans showed that children whose mothers provided a greater investment of attention than the average, had an increased growth of the hippocampus much higher, arriving in many cases even in magnitudes twice as high than those of peers whose mothers offered a lower level of support.

Thanks to these results, we have pushed ourselves to associate the growth trajectory in the hippocampus to more balanced emotional functions once the observed subjects have entered the adolescent phase.



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