Maturity: data for the school year 2022/2022

I data on the State Exam in the school year 2022/2022 are available on the website of MIUR. About him students admitted tograduation exam were the 96,0% of the scrutinized. As in the previous year, the number of those examined is high pass the State Exam (99,6% of students who took the exam).

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Regions with the most admitted students

The Regions with the highest percentage of admitted are Valle d'Aosta (98,6%), Basilicata (97,9%), Molise (97,4%). In the queue for the number of admitted we find Trentino Alto Adige (94,5%), Liguria (93,6%), Sardinia (91,2%). In all Regions the percentage of promoted is over 99% (with 100% graduates in Valle d'Aosta), in line with the 99,6% national (it was 99,5% in 2022/2022).

In all the Regions of the Paesene, more than 99% of admitted students obtain the diploma, while thedata analysis by region shows greater data heterogeneity both from the point of view of admission and graduation rates.

High grades rise

The share of students with excellent results is increasing (the1,3% of the graduates got the diploma with the highest score and honors) and overall the 16% of graduates achieved a grade greater than 90.
I low grades decrease, and those above the 70. The 35,6% of students graduated with a score above 80/100 (it was the 33,9% in 2022/2022). The praise are stable at1,3% (they were 1,2% a year earlier). The 100, from 5,3% to 5,7%. The votes 91-99 go up to 9% compared to 8,5%; the 81-90 they pass from 18,9% to 19,6%. The votes are also growing 71-80, from 28,6% to 28,9%. Significantly decrease i 61-70, from 29% to 27,7%, And 60, from 8,5% to 7,8%.

The study paths

I High schools they got the highest percentage of graduates (99,8%). In particular the Classic and for the Linguistic (99,9% both). The Specialized and Professional, 99,4%.

The praises are recorded in particular in High schools (2,2%). Follow the Specialized (0,6%) and the Professionals (0,2%). The highest regional percentage of 100 and 100 and lode is registered among the students of the Calabria (11,1%), Followed by Apulia (10,8%) e Umbria (9,5%).

The girls, who make up the 50,4% of those who have been promoted, are confirmed as the most brilliant. On 96% total, was admitted to the exam on 97,8% of female students, out of a total of 95,6% of the students. Also, on the 99,6% total of those promoted, the graduates are the 99,7% compared to graduates, the 99,4%.

The first test

As part of the first test of the State Exam, the 18,2% of high school graduates completed Type A - Text analysis (chosen above all in high schools, with the 20,6%); the 65,5% has chosen one of the four areas of Type B - Short essay or newspaper article (also on this track the Licei are first, with the 69,7% choices); Type C - Historical topic was chosen by1,3% (the track most chosen by the technical addresses with 1,7%); the 15% of students opted for Type D - General theme, more choice in Professionals, with 23,4%. Follow the first test on and the second test on

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