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Are you looking for a particular name and are you expecting a boy or a girl? Plus, do you really love history and are you attracted to the Middle Ages? We offer you a list of names, male and female, of warriors and heroines, which will satisfy your searches. 

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Medieval male names

If you are looking for male names that can have a strong meaning linked to the medieval era and that have an important sound, we suggest some of them below. 

Dante Alighieri

Contracted form of the name Durante, derives from the verb durare which means "to persevere". The name day is celebrated on 11 February. It is the name of the famous medieval writer Dante Alighieri, author of the "Divine Comedy", a very famous poem written between 1307 and 1321.


Of Germanic-Gothic origin, it means "illustrious for fame" and "shining with glory". The name day falls on September 17 in honor of San Roberto Bellarmino, Jesuit, cardinal and doctor of the Church who died in 1621. We remember Roberto I il Guiscardo (known as the Astuto), who became, in the year XNUMX, Duke of Puglia, Calabria and the city.


Name of Greek origin, it means "awake, ready to act" and in the Christian world it took on the meaning of "awakened by faith". San Gregorio is celebrated on March 12, November 17, September 3, May 9 and 25 and June 17. It is the name of Gregory I the Great, who was pope and writer.


Name of Scottish origin. The meaning of the name is "sad, stern". Of literary origin, the name is taken from the medieval legend of the unhappy love of Tristan and Isolde born from the poems of the Breton cycle and which inspired the musician R. Wagner. The name day is celebrated on June 15th.


Name of Germanic origin, it means "adviser, wise, thoughtful, brilliant, inspired". The name day is celebrated on April 9 and September 30 (San Tancredi eremita). We remember the Norman prince Tancredi d'Altavilla, who was one of the leaders of the first crusade (1096).

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Medieval female names

If you are expecting a girl and, at the same time, are looking for a name that has references to the Middle Ages, read the list below.


Name of Germanic origin, it means "grown in the light". The name day falls on February 21st. The possible variants are Leonora, Elinor and Nora. She had this name Princess Eleonora D'Arborea, born in Catalonia around 1340 and lived in Oristano.


Of Germanic origin, it means "strong in battle". The name day is celebrated on March 14th. Her name was Matilda di Canossa, born in 1046 and known as the Grand Countess, who was one of the most important figures of the Middle Ages in Del Paese. 


Name deriving from the Greek, it means "pure". The name day is celebrated on 29 [and 30] April and 25 November. This was the name of the famous Saint Catherine of Siena, theologian, philosopher and mystic of the Middle Ages.


The name Beatrice has Latin origin and means: "she who makes or makes you blessed", "happy", "contented". Her name day is celebrated on January 18 and 19, February 13 and July 29. Beatrice was the woman loved by Dante Alighieri. It is thought that Beatrice was actually called Bice and that she was the daughter of Folco Portinari, born in the city in 1266 and died in 1290.


Name of Hebrew origin, it means "God is fullness, God is [the] number seven (symbol of perfection)". The name day falls on January 4th, July 8th, November 5th and 17th. We remember the Aragonese princess Isabella D'Aragona, born in 1247.

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Names of medieval warriors

If you are looking specifically for male names of famous medieval warriors, we suggest the following list of names.


Name of Germanic origin, it means "brave with a spear". The term from which dervia is Hrodgaer, composed of hroth, "fame, glory", and of gaira, "spear". The name day falls on October 15th. We remember Roger II, king of the city, Norman king and warrior who made the kingdom of the city one of the most powerful states in Europe.


Male name of Germanic origin, it means "man of free standing". The name day falls on November 4th, but also on October 28th, July 1st, May 9th or August 17th. We remember the famous king and warrior Charlemagne (742-814), king of the Franks and the Lombards, crowned emperor of the Sacred of the city by Pope Leo III in the year 800 of the city.


Name of Germanic origin, it means "rich in peace, powerful in peace, lord who protects". The name day is on July 18 or May 27. Frederick I, known as Barbarossa, had this name, crowned king of Germany in 1152.


Name that comes from the Latin and means "to be favored or protected by the stars". The name day is celebrated on May 23 or December 18. In the Middle Ages Deso was the king of the Lombards, whose daughter married Charlemagne.


The name Riccardo has Germanic origin and means "powerful and brave at the same time", "daring", "ruler". His name day is celebrated on 7 February. He had this name, in medieval times, Richard I, King of England, also known as "the Lionheart".

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Names of medieval heroines

Do the heroines of the Middle Ages inspire you? Here are the names of some of the most famous.


Of Hebrew origin, this name means "Gift or grace of God", but also "God has heard, the Lord is merciful". The name day is June 24th. The famous heroine Joan of Arc (1412-1431), a French warrior and martyr, is remembered.


It comes from the old German and means "warrior woman". The name day is celebrated on January 15th and April 13th. We remember the warrior Ida of Cham "Formbach-Ratelnberg", called Ida of Austria, who led her army in the crusade of 1101. 


Name of Greek (but also Germanic) derivation, it means "she who is a hunter (but also she who was born in summer or is very lovable)". The name day falls on 1 or 3 October. We remember Teresa of León, countess of Portugal, who defended Coimbra from the Moors and who emerged victorious from the battle in 1116.


Greek name, means "friend [of the] horse, she (or he) who loves horses". The name day is celebrated on May 3st and 1314rd. She had this name Philippa of Hainaut, born around XNUMX, who assured England the help of the Flemings in the war against France. 


Name of Latin origin and deriving from the adjective blancus, it means "white, pure". Santa Bianca is celebrated on December 2nd. In the Middle Ages she was called Bianca of Castile, who personally led the army of France against the rebellious Brittany.

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