Memory in pregnancy

13.20 pm I get into the car, empty tank ...

13.40 pm appointment from the gine for an ultrasound for Sammy, I run to the gas station, and, since I am a woman of the world, I make diesel myself, ATMs, I open the door and start to fill the tank, meanwhile I meditate on how much the diesel has increased since the last time ... too much maybe .. and how strange that the pump is green instead of black ... OH C§§§0 !! Don't panic !! I was too good !! I noticed immediately !! (Ok now it's relative .. I have already put in 50 euros of petrol ... but at least I didn't leave, no?)

I call the gas station attendant from his office and in a practical tone I say to him: "I made a mistake in refueling! Can you empty my car? Quickly, please, I have an urgent appointment !! "He looks at me as if I had come down from the moon and tells me that he can't, he can call the wrecker who takes the car to the mechanic and with 120, 130 euros they will fix my car by tomorrow

OK MY HUSBAND KILLS ME ... WAIT FOR ME TO CALL HIM! I try to explain to him what happened! Pissing me off with car builders, is it possible they can't make different holes for gasoline or diesel? They play games for children, star for diesel and crescent for petrol! Toh solved all the problems !! I also told the gas station attendant .. who continued to look at me as if I were exhausted! While we were waiting for her husband to arrive, the gas station attendant tells me that he helps me move the car, goes to close the fuel cap, he can't find it and asks me: "Where is the cap?" and I: "I lost it". "When now?" "No, the last time I refueled ..."

  • At that point I don't know what idea he got about our family! He looked at my belly and the car and there I saw the cartoon that said: "... and your husband makes her refuel again? And makes her go around alone with her son in her belly !!"
  • Then he came to get me and we went to visit the gine!
  • But we still tell this around like a joke.

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