Meningococcal Vaccine B: Should You Trust?

Meningococcal Vaccine B: Should You Trust?

I am undecided whether to give my daughter the meningococcal B vaccine. Can I trust it since it is very recent?

Meningococcal meningitis is a rare but very serious disease that can have very serious consequences, such as mental retardation, neurological disorders or even death.

It is caused by the bacterium Neisseria meningitidis, of which there are several groups. Against some of these (A, C, W135, Y) vaccines have already been available for some time and from 2022 there is also that against group B meningococcus. So it is true that it is recent, but if the European Medicines Agency authorized it, it means that has passed all the expected assessments and was deemed sure.

For those born after 2022, vaccination against meningococcus B is provided for by the new vaccination plan, and is therefore offered to all these children in an active and free way. The vaccination schedule provides three doses of the vaccine in the first year (between the third and fourth month, between the fourth and fifth month and six months) plus a fourth to 13th month. As no definitive data on the duration of protection are yet available, it is not excluded that in the future it may be necessary to introduce an additional dose in preschool age.

However, the vaccine can also be done later, and can be done to those born before 2022. In this case, the individual regions decide whether to pay, free of charge or in the form of co-payment. The number of doses varies according to the age of the child.

Studies conducted so far indicate one good vaccine efficacy, which therefore is able to significantly protect against infection. The main side effect is represented by the fever, while other adverse events may be pain, swelling and induration at the injection site, Besides irritability and general malaise which resolve within a few days.

More serious adverse reactions (such as febrile seizures or anaphylactic shock) are very rare.

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