Micropolicistic, microfollicular, polycystic ovary

Micropolicistic, microfollicular, polycystic ovary

Micropolicistic ovary

It is a slightly larger than average ovary, which produces more and larger follicles, about 10 mm. "While returning to normal, the micropolicistic ovary can be a lazy ovary to ovulate, which ovulates only a few cycles a year or gives anovulatory cycles, that is, without ovulation, and precisely for this reason in some cases it can lead to fertility problems" observes the gynecologist Rossana ".

WHAT IT'S TO DO: If you have a micro-polycystic ovary and you want to become pregnant, it may be useful to administer supplements based on inositol, a natural substance that improves the functioning of the ovary.

Microfollicular ovary

It is an ovary that has smaller follicles, about 7-8 mm, but in greater quantities, and for this reason it is a normal condition in young women, who have a higher ovarian reserve, which then physiologically decreases with age.

She gives regular ovulations and therefore does not lead to fertility problems.

Polycystic ovary or ovarian polycystosis (also defined by the acronym PCOS)

It is a real pathology, which determines the production of multiple follicles which, however, often fail to make ovulation occur and for this reason the women who are affected have difficulty conceiving.

It is a disorder related to basic insulin resistance, which is typical of highly overweight women or women with abundant hair.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: requires specific therapies such as the contraceptive pill or ovulation inducers, plus possibly inositol or oral antidiabetic drugs.

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