Middle school: in the classroom without miniskirts, briefs in sight or shorts

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Would you ever show up to a job interview with heavy makeup and crotch shorts? Probably not. So why should you be allowed to go to school like when you dress up to dance at the club?

From this idea starts the proposal for two middle schools of the comprehensive Historical Center of Moncalieri (TO). Children will be able to go to class only "with appropriate and respectful clothing for a place like school". The newspaper La Stampa reports it with an article on the subject. For heaven's sake, no uniforms, aprons or uniforms, only respect for the place you enter.

So no excessive miniskirts, shorts, very low-waisted pants that let you see the briefs (this also applies to boys!) Or excessive make-up.

The proposal is from the principal Valeria Fantino to the school council, after having launched the initiative with a survey on Facebook. A survey that met with some success.


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"In middle school children begin to understand how certain mechanisms work and we are all responsible for their training and education - explains Fantino to La Stampa - among these things there is also the importance of understanding that every place has a shape to respect. . If they come to school today with ripped pants or miniskirts, tomorrow they won't understand that at a job interview or in an office you have to show up wearing appropriate clothing ". So at school we show up dressed decently. But without exaggerating. "This does not mean that if it is hot, the boys have to arrive with a long shirt: a normal T-shirt is enough".

The principal sees many parents in agreement with her. She concludes by specifying that another idea of ​​her is to invite a stylist to school who explains to the boys how to dress in an alternative way also according to their body. To be trendy with taste.

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