Mila Kunis: “Ashton Kutcher in the delivery room? Yes, but he will only be behind me "

31-year-old actress and model Mila Kunis is about to become a mom, but does not want Comrade Ashton Kutcher (Demi Moore's ex-husband-toyboy) attend too closely to the birth of the baby: he revealed to Marie Claire magazine that, in the delivery room, it will require him to stand behind her and not in front of her. "It will be a butt, not a butt," the actress explained to the magazine. " (Read also Together in the delivery room)

Kunis pointed out that her birth will be absolutely natural, and which will be assisted by only two people: "My doctor and my better half". And the latter will have the ban on being too close to the event, “unless he wants to risk his life and watch. But I wouldn't, if I were him". (Dad in the delivery room, yes or no? Watch the video)

Meanwhile, the actress is enjoying her pregnancy, and is happy with how her breasts have transformed: “It's incredible - she comments to Marie Claire - but my breasts have tripled in size. I'm so excited! I say to everyone I know: 'Come on, touch!'. I love being pregnant "

And as for the baby she's about to bring into the world, she specifies that she doesn't want “him to become an asshole like many kids are today. Both of us, Ashton and I, want him to be a nice, polite and honest child, one that people love to meet and he says about them 'Look what a beautiful baby!' ”.

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