Modular systems in strollers: what they are

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When one is pregnant, a few months before the big event, one begins to think about shopping for the upcoming baby. Is the stroller one of the first things to think about? Which will be the right one? THE modular systems or combined, commonly called "Strollers Trio or Duo ", allow you to hook three or two different components on the same frame, namely the carrycot, the car seat (baby egg) and the seat of the passeggino

Let's find out in detail.

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Modular systems: how they are made

Modular systems in strollers are a way to make life easier for new parents. A "three in one" or "two in one" which therefore corresponds from birth to 3-4 years in the child.

The stroller "3 in 1", the trio, it includes all the components, namely the carrycot (wheelchair), the car seat (infant carrier) and the stroller, which hook onto a single common frame for all the elements of the trio.

The duo instead it combines two elements, always to be hooked to a single frame: pram + stroller o baby carrier + stroller, depending on your needs. If you opt for a duo without a car seat, you will then have to purchase the car seat separately. In this case you can choose a Group 0 + / 1 seat, i.e. from birth up to 18 kg or for an i-Size (from birth up to 105 cm), which you can use up to about 4 years of child.


On the market there are many models of modular trio or duo strollers with very different budgets. What changes is only the choice of the three or two pieces. Let's see the features that almost all models have:

  • il frame it is heavier than non-modular systems as the frame must be able to support various types of components with different weights such as the wheelchair
  • sitting facing mum or facing the street e back reclining
  • rain cover, changing bag and cover for carrycot and / or stroller
  • there are models suitable more suitable for the city, off-road or even being strollers in the light category
  • they have a great one handle all united which can be adjusted in height

The components

The wheelchair or carrycot

It will be the first component you will use up to about 6 months of the baby. It is very comfortable for the long sleeps that the newborn takes.

The egg

This is the child's car seat up to 13Kg, so it can be used both hooked to the stroller frame and in the car. Corresponds to the Group 0+ or ​​i-Size car seat that can be purchased separately.

The stroller

The stroller seat will be used from 6 months onwards, i.e. from when the child is able to sit alone. The first months it will be used facing the mother, then facing the street. The backrest can be reclined almost to become a bed, to let the little one sleep comfortably during long walks. 

pros and cons

The modular system is not suitable for everyone. Let's see why.


  • many accessories
  • perfect for baby's comfort
  • only solution from birth up to 3-4 years


  • the structure is heavier and more bulky than a light stroller
  • not very compact when closed
  • less agile when pushing

It is therefore perfect if you want to make a purchase and then forget about it. You can choose city or sportier wheels, with everything you need. On the other hand, it is not suitable if you have little space in your car or at home, if you have a more "snappy" lifestyle and want a leaner, more manageable and dynamic stroller. On the market there are many modular strollers of different weights, but the weight and the fact that it is not very compact makes the choice of a trio or duo stroller, dedicated to a certain lifestyle.

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