Molly, a child born from a frozen embryo 27 years ago

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It's a record: Molly was born from a frozen embryo 27 years ago

Molly is just born and is already in the record book: it came to light thanks to a embryo frozen 27 years ago. So between the mother, who is 29, and little Molly there would be only 18 months of difference. The previous record belonged to the same couple, which he had given birth to in 2022, from another embryo also dating back to 1992, Molly's sister, Emma, who had spent 25 years in the "ice". Both embryos were kept at the National Embryo Donation Center, a Christian non-profit organization that preserves the frozen embryos donated by couples who decide not to use but to donate to couples with problems sterility like Tina and her husband Ben Gibson.

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The story of Emma and Molly

Mother Tina, 29, a primary school teacher, and her husband Ben, 36, an expert in cybersecurity, go to the National Embryo Donation Center, which holds approximately one million embryos after one year. infertility diagnosis (Ben has cystic fibrosis, a condition that can lead to infertility.) “We are in seventh heaven, if only hard years ago someone had told me I would have two daughters I would have told him he was crazy. This is our miracle, "Tina told the BBC.
Emma and Molly are sisters for two reasons: they were given birth by the same woman, Tina, and they also share the same genetic heritage since they are born from embryos donated by the same couple in 1992. Their future mother was not even two years old at the time. Tina commented: "Do you realize that this embryo and I could have been best friends?"

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Who are the "snowbabies"

The so-called "snowbabies" are the embryos created by in vitro fertilization and not used, which are left in storage so that they can be donated to couples who cannot have children. questi embryos are stored in frozen suspensions, human lives potentially waiting to be born in procreation centers. The previous known record before Emma was an embryo that had been frozen for 20 years. Dr Sommerfelt, who oversaw the delicate thawing process of both embryos, stated that if the embryos are kept in optimalfreezing, they can be useful indefinitely. Over a thousand embryos have been born thanks to this technique at the National Embryo Donation Center.

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