Moms on a diet after the holidays: how to lose a couple of pounds in three weeks

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No drastic diets are needed to repair the damage of the holidays. To lose the two or three kilos accumulated over the Christmas period, you can think of a balanced diet for a month. This was stated by Maria Antonia Fusco, head of dietology and clinical nutrition of the San Camillo-Forlanini Hospital.


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“If you got fat quickly you can also lose weight quickly and if during the holidays you have gained two to three kilos it is clear that you have gained weight quickly and the fat is 'fresh', 'mobile', and quite easily disposable ”, explained Fusco. "If you do a bit of a rigid diet for about a month to lose two or three kilos, I don't see anything strange about it," said the expert.

At least three weeks of diet, the time it took to put on those pounds. “A well made diet, rich in proteins, fruits and vegetables and low in fat and carbohydrates. You lose the pounds gained by eating exactly the opposite of what you ate during the holidays ", continued the nutritionist who warns not only about drastic and rapid diets to repair the damage of the holidays but also about the monothematic ones," which they are dangerous ". The whole thing applies to people without health problems.

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