Montessori tower: what it is and which one to buy

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La Montessori tower it is a structure that allows the child to carry out family activities at the same height as us, in a safe and independent way. But what is it for and which one to choose?

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Montessori tower: what it is

The Montessori Tower is as if it were made up of a ladder with a safety railing on top which prevents the baby from falling. Also it must be light, the material should be wood, so that the little one can move it by himself. The tower can be used already from 18 months upwards. And it must always be used under adult supervision.

It is made like a chair with gods steps, which are generally mobile shelves, so that they can be adapted to the various stages of the child's growth. It also presents side walls, to prevent the little one from falling, and a handle to cling to to go up or help yourself alight.

This object helps to:

  • promotes the independence el 'self-sufficiency children, so that they can carry out small daily tasks by themselves such as using the sink and reaching the table
  • offers safety to the child in areas of the house that can be more dangerous, such as the kitchen and bathroom
  • help mom to have your hands free for cooking and other daily activities

Montessori tower: buying guide

The Montessori tower is an instrument at the base of the Montessori pedagogy and serves to help the little one to be independent, just like cots. 

Here are the best Montessori towers for sale online.

The learning tower HAPPY TOWER, is a tower designed with the methods of Montessori pedagogy that easily transforms into a desk, vertical blackboard, platform or bench. The strong and resistant structure of the tower ensures great stability and safety thanks to its quick coupling / release systems, positioned in easy access points.

Pros of those who bought the product: I bought this product as a 1 year gift for my daughter. Very simple assembly, it has numbered holes and you just need to place similar letters next to it and screw in the screws. Fabulous material, smells of carpentry. 

Cons of those who bought the product: The product did not fully meet our expectations due to three factors: it is a little dangerous that there is no lock in the back for the child, who, being on the higher, smaller shelf, risks putting his foot in the empty and fall (unfortunately I noticed only after that the others on sale have a fabric curtain to prevent the child from falling back and a rise in the step that acts as a limit); the instructions are not always clear; when placed in a vertical position the tower is not completely stable but wobbles slightly (we had to add some rubber pads underneath).

Montessori Tower, Montessori Tower HAPPY TOWER, Learning Tower, Learnig Tower, Foldable, Customizable and Stain Resistant. from € 139,95 Check Offer

Below other similar products.

Inspired by the Montessori principles, Ully was born from the study of expert educators to allow the child to get in touch with the activities of the family without isolating him. 

Pros of those who bought the product: Simple and intuitive assembly, clear instructions. The product is stable and solid, weighs the right amount to be safe but also easy to handle for the baby.

Cons of those who bought the product: I do not recommend buying it because it is virgin wood

ully by moblì® | the first Learning Tower in natural wood | Made in Del Paese according to Montessori principles | Designed by expert educators | Learning tower with adjustable shelves from € 119,90 Check Offer

This Montessori tower also has a blackboard where you can write and draw.

Pros of those who bought the product: Nothing better! Tower of learning excel! Excellent materials and perfect structure! My son loves it and so do we !! Thanks as always Amazon! Ah and more arrived already assembled !!! What else to say ?! Super!!!

Cons of those who bought the product: Pros: Sturdy and stable tower made of natural wood. I was looking for a tower that had the maximum height of about 50 cm and I could not find it. My daughter is 78cm tall and she fits perfectly onto the kitchen worktop.
Cons: Quite heavy for the baby to move. Untreated wood tends to get dirty and stained immediately so we will have to paint it. Small side rails at the base of the support surface would have been useful to prevent the child from putting his foot in the wrong.
In general I think that the learning towers are overpriced and not justified.

MEOWBABY Children's Wooden Learning Tower Made in EU Montessori Learning Tower Blackboard from € 119,99 Check Offer

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