Month after month pregnancy video: a look into the baby bump

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From the fifth to the fortieth week, your baby's growth week after week. Check out our pregnancy videos from the "A Look into the Belly" series.


Pictures of the fetus from 4 to 40 weeks

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How does the fetus grow in 40 weeks of gestation? Here are 36 exciting pictures of the little one growing into the baby bump in the mom, week after week. Fourth to ...

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Pregnancy video: 5th-8th week

Pregnancy video: 9th-12th week

Pregnancy video: 13th-16th week

Pregnancy video 17-20 week

Pregnancy video: 21th-24th week

From the twenty-first week of pregnancy, there is about one liter of amniotic fluid in your baby bump. Your little one is growing nails and hair and the face is outlined. Now you can communicate with the baby in the belly: he loves hearing your voice!

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Pregnancy video: 25th-28th week

Twenty-fifth week of pregnancy: the baby opens his eyes! He sees everything dark red. And he also begins to hear: he gets scared with loud noises. Find out what happens between the XNUMXth and the XNUMXth week of gestation. Read also: Loud Noises in Pregnancy

Pregnancy video: 29th-32th week

Pregnancy video: 33th-36th week

Pregnancy video: 37th-40th week

Pregnancy videos: the 10 funniest ones found on the web

If, on the other hand, you are looking for nice videos that make irony about the nine months of pregnancy, between embarrassing, tender or very normal moments, these are the ones for you.

Unique and fun experiences of different families that are about to expand.

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