Morelli: ONLY the mother must choose the name of the child

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Names are first of all a sound. A sound that can be more or less pleasing to the speaker. But for the sake of the baby, he must above all be liked by his mom. So it's up to you to choose her, without interference.

The psychiatrist, doctor and writer Raffaele Morelli, live by telephone with RTL 102.5 radio, was decidedly tranchant about how to choose the name for the child.

"A few days ago a woman who is pregnant was talking to me about the debate she has in her family with her husband and grandparents about the name to give to the child" Morelli told live. I told her: "Mothers must choose names, never fathers! Never call children like grandparents because every time the mother calls him, if the sound is pleasing to the mother, a tact is created, because the sound is a touch that touches the ears then touches the ancient part of the brain ".

So when a mother calls her son and calls him with a name she likes "it emits a sound vibration that enters the affectivity of the child, who then feels called, recognized" concludes Morelli. For this reason "names must always be chosen by mothers, never dads, never grandparents. We are first of all a sound." Listen to Morelli's talk on RTL 102.5 on the sound of names

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