Mosquito bites on babies and children: prevention and remedies

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Mosquito bites babies and children

Mosquitoes are a typical nuisance of the summer, when we all prefer to spend time outdoors with children. Know how to protect the babies and children From mosquito bites a offers parents the peace of mind of being able to experience the summer in complete safety and without fear. So let's see some practical tips to protect our little ones from bites of these annoying insects.

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  • How to tell if it's a mosquito bite
  • What to put on mosquito bites?
  • Tips to protect children from mosquito bites

Can we use mosquito repellents?

Children, especially infants, should not be exposed to the same repellents often used by adults to ward off mosquitoes. Dermatologist Magda Belmontesi explains that the fewer products we apply to children's skin, the better.

And it is important to avoid the area of ​​the hands, which children could bring to their mouth, when ingesting the product

Mosquito repellent products can be used starting from 3 months (the little ones should be protected with barriers, such as mosquito nets and keeping them at home in the moments of the day most at risk, such as dawn or dusk). Up to 2 years you can only use the citrodiol which is contained in some repellents that we find on the market. Up to the age of 12 we can use theicaridina and only after the age of 12 can we switch to the most famous and effective repellent, the deet, which is contained in most of the repellents on the market.

Il Ministry of Health also remember to use only products based on repellent active ingredients that have been registered as Medical Surgical Aids (PMC) at the Ministry of Health as Biocides according to Regulation (EU) 528/2022. Otherwise they should be considered as simple cosmetics.

Natural remedies for mosquito bites

For those who want to use only natural and non-chemical remedies, there are natural products on the market that can be effective such as:

  • patches based on natural products to be applied to the skin or clothes;
  • ultrasound, devices that repel mosquitoes;
  • natural sprays and ointments, such as ledum palustre;
  • use picaridin and essential oils such as lemongrass.
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How to tell if it's a mosquito bite

Here's what to note to spot a mosquito bite:

  1. a small bump appears quite quickly immediately after the mosquito bite occurs;
  2. it may start to turn pink or red and after a day or two it may be darker and harder in color;
  3. it will start to itch as your baby's body reacts to the proteins in the mosquito's saliva.

What to put on mosquito bites?

In case of mosquito bite we can apply a light veil of calendula cream, which has a refreshing and soothing action, if instead the discomfort is rather accentuated and the swelling is evident and persistent we can use a antistaminic cream, which serves above all to relieve itching and prevent the child from scratching too much and causing injuries.


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Tips to protect children from mosquito bites

  1. Do not go out at dawn and dusk, which are the times of the day when there is a greater circulation of mosquitoes;
  2. Use only repellents suitable for children, mostly natural.
  3. Protect the stroller or pram with a mosquito net: physical barriers remain the most effective and safe remedies for children;
  4. Avoid using scented creams or lotions;
  5. Avoid staying with children in places where mosquitoes can be found, such as stagnant water, freshly irrigated flower beds etc ..;
  6. Eliminates the water that accumulates in the saucers;
  7. Do not put brightly colored clothes to children, better dressed in soft colors.


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