Mother's day in Palermo with us and Moms &

Mother's Day, here we go! Very little is missing! The mothers of Palermo have the opportunity to celebrate in a truly special way. MyModernsParents is pleased to invite you to the Mamme & open day, a new new space dedicated to your world, that of mothers, and of all the little ones. A reality just born in the city, but which we can bet will be of great support to many of you. 

The appointment is set and you can already mark it in your diary: Saturday 11 May. A whole day all to yourself! What awaits you? Free meetings, giveaways and gadgets. All with the collaboration of MyModernsParents. Which reserves a special gift to the first 20 who will present themselves in Piazza Sant'Oliva 40 in Palermo. But we will not reveal it to you immediately ...

Here is the program of the event:

  • 10-10.30: consultation on breastfeeding with a midwife.
  • 11-11.30: neonatal massage.
  • 12-12.30: meeting with a nutritionist.
  • 16-16.30: meeting with a psychologist.
  • 17-17.30: breastfeeding consultation with a midwife.
  • 18-18.30: neonatal massage.

The midwife will dissolve your doubts about breastfeeding and will be able to give you practical indications on how to start it and carry it out in the best possible way. The meeting on neonatal massage will be held by a professional who is part of AIMI, the Del Paesena infant massage association. You can bring your babies from 15 days of age and 9 months. Learning the massage technique allows you to create a special relationship with the baby and in this sense the Saturday event is an opportunity not to be missed. 

The nutritionist, on the other hand, will be at your disposal for advice on nutrition during pregnancy, but also to get back in shape and eat well after giving birth. Finally, the psychologist will deal with a very particular topic: perinatal memory. Have you ever thought that babies could keep traces of memories of their life inside the womb? Undoubtedly a very fascinating theory. 

To participate in the meetings, reservations are required by calling 091-586685.

Moms & was born to be close to mothers both before and after childbirth. First with the birth accompaniment courses. A series of meetings with professionals combined with gentle gymnastics, relaxation and stretching. The services after childbirth are many: from assistance to breastfeeding to babywearing ("school of carrying"), from pediatric first aid to weaning and self-weaning up to post partum gymnastics. Mamme & is also an authorized reseller of Pharma Mum products, a partner company of MyModernsParents. On Saturday you can buy supplements with a 10 to 20% discount.

And let's go back to MyModernsParents. The first 20 mothers who go to the appointment with the open day on Saturday will receive a very special gift: the MyModernsParents car sticker. Here it is!

All marked? Appointment on Saturday. We'll be there. And you? 

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