Mothers on the Move, the "sports" program of preparation for childbirth

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Mothers on the Move, the "sports" program of preparation for childbirth

Childbirth is not only a special moment for a woman, but also a "test" physics to which it is good to arrive prepared: that is what it claims Elena Taddei, creator of the method "Mothers on the Move" that prepares women for this event, so that they can face it with awareness and self-confidence. His innovative method is based on the study of biomechanics of childbirth and on a real physical preparation based on sports preparation strategies.

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What the "Mamme in Movimento" program consists of and for whom it is designed
How "Mamme in Movimento" was born
The characteristics of the exercises
What changes during childbirth for a woman who has taken courses
The scientific results obtained
Costs and methods

What does the “Mamme in Movimento” program consist of and for whom it is designed

What does the program consist of?

"Mamme in Movimento is a complete program of Physical training at childbirth, unique in the panorama of the various preparatory courses. In fact, it exploits the principles ofsport training and biomechanics to help expectant mothers to be physically well in pregnancy and to experience the birth of their baby in the best possible way.

It is thought out for all women who wish to arrive at the birth prepared and physically aware, in order to be able to manage your body in the best way and deliver your baby to the fullest.

The program is divided into two parts which run parallel to each other. A motor part, centered on the physical preparation of the woman during pregnancy e two master lessons on positions and techniques for giving birth.

The motor part is made up of three: corsi divided according to gestational period. This periodization allows you to calibrate the proposed exercises according to each week of pregnancy and to adapt them to the needs of each individual woman.

Mamme in Movimento also includes two master lessons, to prepare in a targeted way for childbirth.
The master lesson on thrust and breathingallows mothers to know how to push in the best way. The master lesson to be done as a couple with your partner is on childbirth positions, which are also completely innovative as they are based on precise biomechanics studies. In this lesson the partner has an important role reserved, as he is directly involved in the birth positions, in an active, technical way and closely coordinated with the mothers.

The program also includes a first lesson, Mothers 0 (zero) which contains various innovative elements which will then be expanded in the lessons of the course ".

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How "Mamme in Movimento" was born

"I realized that, among many prepared courses, none were based on the study biomechanical the physical component of childbirth. I am a motor scientist and a 'ex athlete, and I have always dealt with the study of the technical gesture of athletes, with the aim of improving it. So thanks to my experience and my professionalism I have created "Mamme in Movimento". I studied determined esercizi e movements that help women, in this very particular period, to feel good in pregnancy and give birth in the best possible way. On the other hand, childbirth is also an important test physics which requires adequate preparazione carefully studied from a biomechanical point of view ".

The characteristics of the exercises

"All Mothers on the Move exercises are very sweet and targeted, to be performed at a slow and "personal" pace. They are interspersed with breaks and suitable for all women. You work in relaxation, lie on your back, with the bent legs, walking to mobilizzare i body districts directly involved in pregnancy and childbirth, such as the back and hip bone. The lessons are held in small groups so that each single woman can also be followed as a "personal" when needed. All the exercises of the course are studied from a technical point of view down to the smallest details to obtain the maximum benefits in a short time. Even after just a few minutes of class, women perceive immediately of the improvements: back pain and all other pains typical of this period are eliminated. The exercises are easy to do, to remember and to do at home and are very useful even after giving birth. "

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What changes during childbirth for a woman who has taken courses

"First of all, the arrival in the delivery room: women feel calmer and more confident in themselves. In fact, as in sport, the" Mothers on the Move "program includes race simulations, both in terms of thrust and in terms of the birth positions. With the coach, women try every single aspect of childbirth several times, both alone and in pairs. Thus, at the moment of childbirth, the woman feels prepared e aware. In the delivery room she, together with her partner, is the protagonist of the situation: she knows what to do, how to move and how to manage her body in the best possible way to give birth in the best possible way. After that, the benefits are manifold. The first is a notable one pain reduction (more than halved), accompanied by a decrease important gods times of labor. They are avoided lacerations and women get back into shape immediately after giving birth. Finally, also i children they benefit from it: at the moment of birth they are calm, they have nice round heads and flat faces ".

The scientific results obtained

"The statistical analysis was carried out in collaboration with the Department of Health Statistics of theUniversity of the city, on two samples: a group of 115 women who attended the Mothers on the Move program (group A), the other made up of 104 women who attended the courses offered by the national health service (group B), used as a control group. The results are as follows:

  • Backache in pregnancy: 100% of women who attended the program found benefits
  • Duration the labor of a first physiological birth: group A 3 hours and 45 minutes; group B 6 hours and 46 minutes (WHO gives an average of 11 hours)
  • Pain of the contractions: group A reduced by 46%
  • Pain in the sacred during labor: group A 28%; group B 76%
  • Shape of skull of the elongated or asymmetrical newborn: group A 6%; group B 55%
  • Cesareo: group A 2%; group B 7%
  • Lacerations perineal: group A 13%; group B 24%
  • Hemorrhage post partum: group A 6%; group B 12%
  • fatigue after childbirth: group A 11%; group B 58% ".
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Costs and methods

"Before Covid the courses were in attendance, now they are Online only, always live with the coach. This has allowed us to reach future mothers not only throughout the country, from north to south, but also Del Paesena-speaking mothers who live in various European countries and also in other continents: Del Paesene women who live in the United States, China and Australia. "The costs come communicated directly to those interested, because it depends on when they decide to leave: there are those who start in the first weeks and those who decide at the last moment ".

The interviewee

Elena Taddei comes from a scientific background. He has practiced sport at a competitive level for many years and obtained a degree in Sports Science. After going through the deepening of medical and postural gymnastics, she became a teacher of Feldenkrais. In the meantime, she graduated in sociological education sciences. She is the creator and manager of the Mamme in Movimento preparto course, born in October 2003. Since the academic year 2022/2022 she has also taught a university course that prepares future coaches of pregnant women for "Sciences and techniques of sport and preventive and adapted motor activities ", within the master's degree course of Motor Sciences of the University of the city, Department of Medicine.

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