Mothers over 40, how to make the maternity deso

Advice from the professor, head of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Milanese Sacco Hospital and university professor and from Dr. Luciana De Lauretis, head of the Fertility Center at the Santa Rita Clinic in our city.


A little help to nature - The desire for a mature child is not impossible, also thanks to the help of science: out of 100 women who try to get pregnant at 40, 57 succeed naturally, 7 succeed with assisted fertilization techniques, 36 they remain childless even after the test tube.


Is there anything that can help fertility? A healthy life, the experts reply: smoking is a 'direct toxicity factor', that is, a poison to be eliminated, if you just want to hope for a pregnancy. Also to be eliminated are alcohol, fats and foods that stimulate insulin production (this hormone goes hand in hand with those that regulate ovulation), adds the professor referring to a study by the American University of Harward.


No to snacks and snacks instead of quiet and regular meals; pasta, bread and desserts only wholemeal, fish better than meat, but, above all, vitamins and mineral salts from fresh fruit and vegetables, which are antioxidants, that is, they slow down the aging of the whole body.


“We are trying to give vitamin E during ovulation to increase conception - always report.


Speaking of physique, anyone looking to get pregnant must forget sculpted muscles. A welcoming body must have a reserve of fat tissue, not excessive but not non-existent, which varies from woman to woman.


All stress factors must be eliminated: there is no definitive scientific research on the effects of oriental disciplines, says the professor, but everything that increases well-being is useful.


Dr. De Lauretis adds: "At Santa Rita, women with problems, if treated withacupuncture in preparation and during assisted fertilization, they have a success rate equal to that of their peers without problems. The ancient Chinese technique improves circulation in the uterus and ovaries and can be decisive, with its antispastic action, when an in vitro fertilization is performed and the egg must take root ".


For those who make it, a few more risks - Pregnancy, longed for or 'unexpected', does not involve particular risks for healthy over XNUMXs. But, of course, they have to prepare for an overwork with a physique that is no longer 'brand new'. The heart, veins and arteries will be under strain, so there may be hypertensive crises and a higher probability of pre-eclampsia (called gestosis, a circulatory problem linked to the placenta, which blocks the growth of the fetus and damages the mother) and of underdevelopment of the fetus.


Hormones reduce blood fluidity and can increase the risk of blood clots in people with circulatory problems. This becomes particularly sensitive if women seek a child with medical techniques, so they also undergo hormonal stimulation.


Aging endocrine system makes gestational diabetes more likely, fibrous or less tight uterine tissues cause premature deliveries to increase.


But every woman is a case in itself and the chronological age does not correspond to the biological one: there are those who 'scrambled' her body even before the age of 40 and those who can boast a trained and reactive one, who is not afraid of biological calendars and watches. .


  • The successes of the test tube
  • In vitro fertilization success rates drop significantly as a woman gets older. Here they are.


    up to 28 years


    29 30-years


    31 34-years


    25 39-years


    40 42-years


    43 years


    44 years



    (2006 data from the Pma national register)


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