Moxa for breech babies: how to spin the fetus

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Moxa for breech babies: how to spin the fetus

In most cases, i fetuses are positioned ready for delivery during the third quarter. It is during the last ultrasound, typically, that it turns out if the child it is positioned in the right way, that is with the head down (cephalic presentation) or if it is placed in the opposite way, that is in the breech position. There Moxa for breech babies it can be a solution to avert the risk of scheduled cesarean delivery. 

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Breech position and caesarean delivery

Once women gave birth regardless of the position of the fetus, there were simply no alternatives: not only was there a higher mortality rate among the pregnant women because of complications, but the midwives - that is, the women who did give birth - they were prepared for any eventuality. Today, with the progress of the medicine and the possibility of predicting the position of the fetus in advance thanks to ultrasound scans, there is no longer any reason to take risks for the mother and born unborn. For this very often, especially in the term parts, breech babies are born through Caesarean section and not for vaginal route: it is much more complex, in fact, to get a fetus out of the buttocks or legs, even if not impossible. 

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Can the breech baby turn around?

Until the 32nd week the fetus he still has enough room to turn around, but as time passes this decreases and with him the likelihood that the baby will turn around on his own. Not always the future mothers they notice for themselves if the baby turns around, which is why in the case of a breech fetus it is likely that more ultrasounds towards the end of the pregnancy to understand if he actually turned around or not. If it does not happen, it is very unlikely that it will happen beyond the 37th week, so a caesarean section is scheduled shortly before the expected date of delivery. 

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The Moxa for turning breech babies

La Moxa, synonym of moxibustion, is a technique that allows you to turn a breech fetus in a cephalic position. It is a treatment of Traditional Chinese Medicine which takes place by applying externally a herb precisely called Moxa (scientific term Artemisia argyi), which in Japanese means "burning a ball of herbs". It is a practice that is part of acupuncture and is repeated several times in the third trimester to get the baby to turn. 

How Moxa Works

Moxa it should be attempted between the 32nd and 38th week of pregnancy, repeated on several occasions if the desired effect is not achieved. After a careful study of the patient, the practically of Traditional Chinese Medicine identifies the acupuncture point best, that is, the one capable of activating the uterus, which is located on the lateral wall of the fifth toe. 

At this point, the operator compresses and rolls the Moxa giving it the shape of a stick, then turned on and positioned near the acupuncture point: it is the heat in fact to stimulate the point. 

This type of practice aims at stimulate the child, which should become more active and lift the pelvis upward to get into position. Moxa should be applied around 32 weeks of pregnancy, for about a week or ten days, and if not, re-proposed three weeks later.

Moxa can be done even at home, buying the sticks of Artemisia in the pharmacy.

Does Moxa work?

Several studies have shown that in the case of the application of Moxa it is registered a decrease in deliveries with non-cephalic presentation and therefore of caesarean sections, but its effectiveness is not yet definitively proven (or denied). 

Is Moxa dangerous?

You may be wondering if, by using the Moxa, you could put at risk lto your health or that of your child: absolutely not. The most negative effect you can get is no effect: the moxibustion in fact, it has no risks on either the pregnant woman or the fetus, so if you want to try it, do it with peace of mind. 

La moxibustion it is a common practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine applied to many pregnant women whose child shows up in breech position: in some cases it seems to solve the problem and avert the risk of a caesarean section, so… trying doesn't hurt!


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