Music during pregnancy and for babies

Raise your hand if you have never sung a lullaby to your child. It is a natural, spontaneous gesture. But maybe not everyone knows that in addition to being an affectionate and usually relaxing cuddle, it is also a gesture of much deeper value.

In fact, music is an important communication tool and if used correctly with children it can have positive aspects that go well beyond putting your puppy asleep at bedtime.

Science has recently studied the interaction between music and children. In many cases, the effects of listening to music have been investigated even before birth, by spreading the notes through the belly of pregnant women.


"I believe that music should be listened to from the first months of pregnancy - says Leonardo Trevisan, Venetian teacher and musicologist of the Altino Prize Foundation, who has dedicated many of his studies to music for children, also composing special pieces. "This is because in addition to helping the expectant mother to relax her, she also helps her to establish an alternative" dialogue "with her child, capable of being recognized by the child after her birth".


In reality, science does not agree unanimously on this aspect. According to a study by the NICHD (The Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development), the fetus in the placenta would be in a sort of acoustic isolation that would prevent, if not completely listening, at least the clear perception of sounds. The various experiments collide with the experience common to many women, according to which the baby once born would show unequivocally that he recognizes the music heard when it was in the belly.


Podcast for relaxation during pregnancy:

Composer: Leonardo Trevisan, Venetian teacher and musicologist, Altino Prize Foundation.

  • . Three compositions belonging to the musical genre of "Melodic Music".
  • This music is purely "melodic" and does not presuppose the use of harmony as it consists of sounds that are correlated exclusively by means of their duration. It is a music that highlights its simple melody and its expressive beauty by making you feel pleasant sensations.
  • Effective music for reducing anxiety and stress. Create pleasant moments of relaxation and meditation.
  • FOR KAROL and PRELUDE infinite love
  • . Two compositions that belong to the romantic style where the melody is given a key role.
  • . Composition with an elegant, sweet and luminous melody, the solo instrument, passionate in her expression, characterizes this piece written for Karol in her third month of pregnancy. The soft choral accompaniment is also pleasant.
  • PRELUDE infinite love.
  • A composition that represents the infinite love of a mother for her child. Sounds that at certain moments manage to convey that infinite love that is inside each of us.

    Whether you listen to music in the belly or from the first months of life, it is undeniable that a correct exposure of children to musical notes has positive effects on their development.

    In eastern Slovakia, in Kosice Saka, a state-of-the-art hospital started an experimental program about two years ago. In the nursery, newborn babies wear high-fidelity headphones, through which they blissfully listen to soft melodies.

    Podcast for the newborn and relaxation during pregnancy:

  • . A sweet melody that stimulates the child's affection. Music that can be listened to as a moment of relaxation during pregnancy.
  • The melodic theme, the rhythmic and harmonic structure are simple.
  • . Music with sweet and delicate sounds like the buds of flowers, spring leaves and spring warmth. It induces the baby and the pregnant woman to a condition of well-being.
  • . A six-month-old girl who falls asleep in her fairy garden. She looks with innocent eyes at the beautiful flowers that represent the love of her mom and her dad as they rock her. She begins to fly, fly like a butterfly that goes to lean on those sweet-scented flowers that come from the hearts of her loved ones. A composition of memories with sweet and fluttering sounds like Elena's beautiful, curious and smiling gaze.
  • . This piece highlights the rhythmic aspect and a melody that highlights its joyful, melodious and bold expression. Music has a relaxing effect on pregnant women and helps establish a sensory dialogue with the baby.
  • . A melody that testifies to the feelings and sweetness of a mother when she wishes her baby good night.
  • NINNA NANNA "Emma Sofia"
  • . It expresses the infinite tenderness of the love of one who watches over the naive serenity of the newborn while he falls asleep.

    According to doctors, this helps them overcome the stress of birth by promoting their communication and learning skills. Diffused music covers various genres, although classical prevails, and infants wear headphones for five daily sessions of 20 minutes each.

    Why be surprised? Basically we have no qualms with the word: we speak to the child, albeit with simple terms and appropriate tones, from birth, when he still cannot understand the meaning of what he is told. In this way we gradually and "instinctively" accustom him to verbal language. It is not so strange, therefore, to do the same with music, which is a form of language, in some ways, even more direct.

    "Listening to music from an early age educates the brain about harmonic sounds - claims Trevisan - allowing it to perceive and use them instinctively (and not as a cultural element), and giving the child the opportunity to use them to maintain a condition of well-being. ".

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