My child is "growing little": do I have to worry?

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One of the biggest thoughts of mothers and fathers in the first months of a child's life up to about two years? The growth of him.

My son is growing very little: "is there something wrong?"

What to do when the baby shows minimal weight and height gains at periodic checkups?

Fortunately, in the vast majority of cases they are unnecessary worries. If the parents are also minute, you can't expect a big, big, rocket-growing baby.

"If, on the other hand, they are tall and sturdy and the child grows very little, it may be worth doing some more tests: there may be a celiac disease problem or a hormonal disorder", comments the pediatrician Luigi Greco.

According to colleague Adima Lamborghini, however, we should learn to worry more when children are fat.

"The real emergencies are overweight and obesity: if a child is thin there are few cases in which to be alarmed. For example, if in addition to weighing little it is "flaccid", without muscle tone: conditions that could suggest a neuromuscular problem ". (Read also: childhood obesity, here are the risk factors)


The "health balances" from the first month to the 14 years: this is what they consist of

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Health balances are a series of checks that the doctor carries out to evaluate the psychophysical development of the child. It is the individual regions (sometimes the individual Asl) that establish exactly ...

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