My son is a public danger!

KEEP AN EYE OF IT. Explain to your child that he must always be visible and forbid him to go away or hide.

GROW BANS. Accompany your “Don't do it! Don't touch ”with concrete examples. Is he attracted to the pot on the fire? “Put a drop of boiling water on a teaspoon and bring it close to it - suggests psychologist Alessandra Natale from the Metamorphosis center -. He will understand that it is hot and that it is better to stay away! ”.

GIVE A GOOD EXAMPLE. If you are on the beach and there are dangerous rocks, forbid him to go up, but don't go there either.

IN LINE WITH THE OTHER PARENT. “It is important that the prohibitions and reproaches come from both parents - explains the psychologist -. If there is disagreement between the parents, the child goes into confusion ”.

DON'T GET CAUGHT IN YOUR FEARS. Call him about the danger only when it is really real. If you are an apprehensive parent and compare yourself to what other children of the same age are doing. An overprotective attitude is as harmful as being too casual.

LET IT EXPLORE. “Your child needs to have his experiences - says Alessandra Natale -. Falling from skates or a bicycle is educational and a tolerable danger ".

TRUST IT. Do not block all his initiatives and remember that children need to play movement games.

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