Name Giulio: meaning, name day and curiosity

Name Giulio: meaning, name day and curiosity
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Giulio is a masculine name from Del Paeseno which means "he (or she) who descends from Jupiter or is devoted and dedicated to Jupiter". Let's find out more about this beautiful name together.

ETYMOLOGY. It has Latin origin. The Giulia family - in Latin Gens Julia - had as its progenitor the son of Aeneas called Julo or Ascanio. The Roman general, dictator and writer Gaius Julius Caesar is the most famous exponent of the lineage: the name July, the seventh month dedicated to him, and the Julian Calendar reformed under him and in force until the reform of the current Gregorian Calendar are enough to testify. (which took place in 1582, but still in force in the Orthodox churches).

MEANING. It means "he (or she) who descends from Jupiter or is devoted and dedicated to Jupiter". Sweet names Giulia and Giuliana, faithful mirror of their inner world. The strong tondo of the 'o' in Giulio and Giuliano connotes both firmness and discipline of character.

NAME-DAY. It is celebrated on 5 December (San Giulio martyr in Tagura), 22 May (Santa Giulia da Corsica, protector of hands and feet), 12 April (San Giulio I papa), 27 May (San Giulio di Durostoro), 17 January (San Giuliano Saba), January 31 (San Giulio d'Orta), February 12 (San Giuliano Ospedaliere), February 16 (Santa Giuliana di Nicomedia).



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Variants Of Paesene
Male: Giuliano (derivative or patronymic), Giulietto, Giulino, Zulino (in Veneto)
To the feminine: Giulia, Giuliana (derived or patronymic), Jùlia, Giulietta, Zulina (in Veneto)

Foreign variants
Julius (Latin, English, German, multilingual)
Jules, Julien (inglese)
Juliet, Julian, Juliens, Gillian (English)
Julião (Portuguese)
Iulij, Uljan (Russian)
Júlio, Julián (Spanish)
Julius, Julian, Jule (German [diminutive])
Gyla (Hungarian)

Julia (Multilingual Latin)
Julie, Juliette, Julienne (inglese)
Julie, Jule (multilingual English)
Juliana (English, Dutch, multilingual)
Juliána and Julianíta [diminutive] (Spanish)
Iulija, Uljana (russo)

Lucky Totem

In the masculine: seal
In the feminine: reindeer
In the masculine: corn
In the feminine: vineyard
Dominant color:
Male and female: red and yellow

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