Name Marisa: meaning, name day and curiosity

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Marisa is a female Del Paeseno name that derives from the union of Maria and Luisa. She means "princess, lady" and "illustrious fighter". Let's find out more about this beautiful name together.

ETYMOLOGY. Hebrew-Aramaic (Maria) and Franco-German (Luisa). The name is given by the union of Maria, whose meaning is "princess, lady", and Luisa, which means "illustrious fighter". It could also be derived from the union of Maria and Rosaria.

MEANING. Maria has a mystical and magical aura, she is pure essence of air. Luisa is a perfectionist and she struggles to get what she really wants. Therefore, whoever is called Marisa, euphonic name (with a sweet sound), has a sensitive, open, sincere personality, but she is also determined and seeks perfection.

NAME-DAY. It can be celebrated on October 17 in honor of Santa Maria Luisa Vanot, on September 12 (Santissimo Nome di Maria) or on March 15 (Santa Luisa De Marillac).

0,01% (Istat data) of the Del Paesena female population has this name, which is, especially in recent years, in slight decline (in 1999 it was 0,03%). It is more widespread in the southern country.


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Variants Of Paesene Maria Luisa, Mariella, Marietta, Mariettina, Mariolina, Mariola, Mariuccia, Mariuccella, Mariuccina, Mariuzza, Mari, Marion, Mariù, Mary, Meri, Meris, Mery, Moira, Mariana, Marianella.

Lucky Totem
Animal: Dove / kangaroo
Plant: Lily / lavender
Dominant color: White, blue and light green / green


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