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Sergio is a masculine name which means "curator, guardian". Let's find out the meaning of this beautiful name together.

ETYMOLOGY. The name Sergio is of Latin-Etruscan origin. In fact, the name takes up the ancient Latin noble Sergius, perhaps of Etruscan origin. The Roman politician of the XNUMXst century BC, Lucius Sergius Catilina, belonged to the gens Sergia. It is a name widespread throughout the country, especially in the north, which belonged to four popes of the early Middle Ages and to seven dukes of Madrid from the XNUMXth to the XNUMXth century.

MEANING. Sergio means "curator, keeper [of herds], administrator". The name is also attested by literary tradition, taking up the Russian name Sergej, very recurrent in Russian literature. Famous people include: Russian musicians Sergej Prokof'ev (1891-1953) and Sergej Rachmaninov (1873-1943); the actor and writer Sergio Tofano (1886-1973) and the director Sergio Leone.

Earthy name, with a sweet aura: No 'GRISO È' in Sergio: on the contrary ... your sweetness prevails in all circumstances and makes him a pleasant and lovable person.

NAME-DAY. 8 September (St. Sergius I pope), but also 9 September and 24 February (St. Sergius of Caesarea, martyr). The name day recalls St. Sergius I pope, who died in 701, but the spread of the name in the Christian sphere, especially Byzantine and Slavic, must be traced back to the cult of St. Sergio martyr in Syria with St. Bacchus in the fourth century.

In Del Paese the name Sergio is widespread in all regions, but the use of the name is slightly decreasing. 0,08% (Istat data) of the Del Paesena male population has this name, which is however, especially in recent years, in decline (in 1999 it was 0,10).



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Variants Of Paesene
Male: Sergino. Female: Sergia and Sergina.

Foreign variants
Serge (French); Sérghios (Greek-Byzantine); Sergius (Latin, English, multilingual German); Sergiu (Romanian); Sergej, Sergeij and Siergei (Russian).


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