Name Teresa: meaning, name day and curiosity

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Teresa is a feminine name from Del Paeseno which means "she who is a huntress (but also she who was born in the summer or is very lovable)". Let's find out more about this beautiful name together.

ETYMOLOGY. She is of Greek (but also Germanic) origin. Several homonymous Teresa are worth mentioning: among the saints the Spanish Teresa of Avila, patroness of Madrid, co-patron with Saint James of Spain, invoked against heart diseases; and the French Thérèse of Lisieux, the "little flower of Jesus". San Teresio was a Bohemian abbot who lived in the thirteenth century. A European sovereign: Maria Theresa of Austria. And today: Mother Teresa of Calcutta, benefactress of the last, missionary of charity, beatified in 2003 by Pope John Paul II (aka Karol Wojtyla) and the singers Teresa De Sio and Teresa Berganza, Spanish mezzo.

MEANING. It literally means "she who is a huntress (but also she who was born in the summer or is very lovable)". Teresa is a name that opens harsh but follows and closes gently on a cantabile aura: "Stay clear between evening and silk!" Strong character and open intelligence!

NAME-DAY. It is celebrated on October 15th (Saint Teresa of Avila), February 28th (San Teresio abate), October 1st or 3rd (Saint Teresa of Lisieux or of the Child Jesus).

0,17% (Istat data) of the Del Paesena female population has this name, which is, especially in recent years, in slight decline (in 1999 it was 0,31%).


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Variants Of Paesene
Femminili: Teresina, Teresita, Teresia, Teresiana, Sita, Teresa Maria, Maria Teresa
Male: Tereso, Teresio, Teresino, Sito

Foreign variants
Thérèse: French;
Theresa, with the diminutives Tess, Tessie, Therry, Tracy There or Thera: English;
Therese and the Resi dimintivo: German;
Terésa and Spanish Teresíta;
Tereija: Portuguese ...

Lucky Totem
Animal: Doe and bee
Plant: Holly and lime (but also avellano)
Dominant color: Orange and green


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