Names for boys and girls in 2022 and 2022

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Names for children of Del Paeseni and foreigners of 2022

Foreign baby names of 2022

The American Social Security Administration (SSA) earlier last year predicted that Liam and Emma would have been the most popular names in the US in 2022.

In Spain instead Lucas, according to the parenting magazine In the Top ten: Santiago, Alvaro and Sebastian. And for girls? Elena, Alba and Marta.

In Germany? comes to our aid with the names 2022 for German babies. For girls we have Hanna, Ella, Emma, ​​Mia, Mila. For children, Ben, Leon, Matteo, Felix, Emil.

Let's move on to France: the cult book l'Officiel del prénomes in bookstores 5 September 2022 had revealed the trends of 2022 for French children. In the first three places we find Gabriel, Raphael and Leo. For the girls, Emma, Jade e Louise.

Baby names: the trends in Del Paese in 2022

But with us? If in the past years Sofia, Giulia, Aurora, Francesco, Leonardo and Alessandro have been popular, here are other ideas of names between classic and original, long or short, for all the children who will be born in 2022.

A mix of names chosen between tradition and novelty, between the children of the VIPs and the most popular TV series, between the most influential characters on an international level or Del Paeseno, but also timeless literary figures that have come back into vogue.

Let's find them all in this one standings. We have selected for you 40 between male and female.

  1. Emma
  2. Leonardo
  3. Greta
  4. Alberto
  5. Carlotta
  6. Frida
  7. Lion
  8. Aurora
  9. Andrea
  10. Life
  11. Eva
  12. Matteo
  13. Beatrice
  14. Alessandro
  15. Giulia
  16. Christian
  17. Lucia
  18. Brando
  19. Edoardo
  20. Alice
  21. Amelia
  22. Mattia
  23. Olivia
  24. Sebastian
  25. Tania
  26. Liam
  27. Chiara
  28. Sergio
  29. Mia
  30. Marco
  31. Samantha
  32. Giorgio
  33. Adele
  34. Giulio
  35. Agnese
  36. Diego
  37. Marlene
  38. Peter
  39. Leo
  40. Jacopo

Male names: the trends of 2022

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Female names: 2022 trends

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Baby names: trends in the country for 2022

What will be the hottest names in 2022?

Among the inspirations for names for girls dl 2022 more interesting to consider for the baby are:

  • Aria
  • Ava
  • Elena
  • Eliana
  • Ella
  • Emilia
  • Evelyn
  • Luna

Among the female names inspired by movies and cartons hilt according to Istat it had a second life especially in the two-year period 2022-2022 following the release of the Disney film Frozen.

And what are the baby names who will feel the most in 2022? 

  • Aeneas
  • Leonardo
  • Joel
  • Samuel
  • Christian
  • Niccolò
  • Marco
  • Gabriele
  • Andrea

Now let's see the meaning and individual cards of 2022 names for children and babies.

1 - EMMA.

At the top in the US in 2022. We also offer it.

It means kind (but also strong or powerful [like] Irmin, Norse god). It is a name of Germanic-Gothic origin. The name day occurs on April 19.


Last year, Istat analyzes confirmed it as the second most loved and used name by the Del Paeseni, immediately after Francesco.

Of Germanic origin, it means: "strong as a lion". Nameday: March 30th. Among the famous people who have borne this name, the genius of the arts Leonardo da Vinci.

3 - GRETA.

The Greta phenomenon it exploded a little over a year ago and still makes media and social media talk today. This name is of Greek-Latin origin is a variant of Margherita. Always of the same etymology, Megan. It means: "Pearl". The name day is celebrated on 29 September.


In 2022 Alberto Angela achieved a real audience record. Paleontologist, writer, science writer, journalist, TV presenter. Loved by young and old. We propose this slightly retro name in the top ten of the probable hottest names in the next year. Alberto means "very illustrious" and is celebrated on 7 August.


Name of Germanic origin which means strong, valiant, but also sovereign. It is a variant of Carlo, but by now it is a story in itself.

6 - FRIDA.

Last year was Frida's year, with exhibitions and books (even for the little ones) dedicated to the famous Mexican painter. However, her name is of Germanic origin. The name day is celebrated on November 1st, All Saints' Day.

Frida is also the name of Brigitte Nielsen's baby girl, who she had last year at the age of 54.

7 - LEONE.

It comes from ancient Greek and means "lion". The name day is celebrated on 10 November. To remember with this name Leone Ginzburg, writer and anti-fascist Del Paeseno (1909-1944). Leone is the name of the son of Fedez and Chiara Ferragni.

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Latin origin, it means "dawn". The name day can be celebrated on 7 December. It is the name of the daughter of Eros Ramazzotti and Michelle Hunziker and for several years it has been one of the most loved names by the Del Paeseni parents, together with Sofia and Giulia.

Together with Aurora we also offer Celeste, Sole and, to stay on the subject, Snow!


Name of Greek origin. It means "brave man". Name day: November 30th. Among the famous people with this name, the tenor Andrea Bocelli.

10 - LIFE.

Evocative name chosen by Michael Bublè for the third daughter. In fact, the little girl arrived at a time of rebirth for the family, after the discovery of her son Noah's illness. It means life, living, vitality and energy. The name day is celebrated on June 15th, January 13th or September 3rd.

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11 - EVA.

Name of Hebrew origin. It means: "she who gives life, who makes fruitful". Name day: February 2nd. Eva Peron (1919-1952) second wife of the President of Argentina Juan Domingo Perón. She was one of the most loved first ladies by the people

12 - Matteo.

Matteo is a male name from Del Paeseno of Hebrew origin which means "man of God", but also "gift of God". When is Matteo celebrated? September 21st! But also on February 24 and May 14.


Latin origin. It means: "she who makes or makes you blessed, happy, contented". Nameday: 18 and 19 January. Beatrice was in the top ten of the most chosen names by her parents last year.


Of Greek origin, it means: "He who protects men (but also" man saved "," who saves ")". Nameday: 26th August, 22nd April and 30th August.

15 - GIULIA.

It comes from the Latin. It means: "Colei who descends from Jupiter or is devoted and dedicated to Jupiter". The name day is celebrated on 22 May. The Giulia family - in Latin Gens Julia - had as its progenitor the son of Aeneas called Julo or Ascanio. The Roman general, dictator and writer Gaius Julius Caesar is the most famous exponent of the lineage.


Cristiano Ronaldo with 109 million dollars is according to Forbes one of the highest paid celebrities in the world in 2022. This is why we have added him to our 2022 ranking, among the most influential names of next year.

Name of Greek-Latin origin, it means follower of Christ, devoted and consecrated to Christ… The name day is celebrated on 12 and 22 November, 23 July, and 3 November.

17 - LUCIA.

It is the name of Ricky Martin's last daughter, adopted together with her partner Jwan Yosef. The name means "bright, luminous" and is of Latin origin.

18 - BRANDO.

Contracted form of the name Aldobrando, which derives from hildjo and branda, with the meaning of "shining sword in battle".

19 - EDWARD.

Of Anglo-Saxon origin. It means: "curator of the property, guardian of the assets". Name day: January 5th. Among the famous people with this name, the singer-songwriter Edoardo Bennato.

20 - ALICE.

This elegant name is of Celtic-Germanic origin and means "noble and handsome". The name day is celebrated on 9 January or 11, 12, 13 or 15 June.

21 - AMELIA.

A variant is Amalia. Germanic origins. It means: "active, hardworking". Name day: January 5th. Amelia is also the name of "The witch who bewitches", a character from Disney comics.

22 - MATTIA.

Name of Hebrew origin. It means: "man of God". Nameday February 24th and May 14th. Mattia Pascal is the main character of Luigi Pirandello's novel "The late Mattia Pascal".

23 - OLIVIA.

Of Latin origins and derives from the Latin noun olive, "fruit of the olive tree". The name day is celebrated on 3 and 10 June.


Multilingual variant of Sebastiano. It means "venerable, illustrious" and is celebrated either on January 20 or September 16. Among the notable characters, Sebastian Vettel, in the Forbes list of the highest paid celebrities in the world in 2022.

25 - CHEAP.

From Tania Cagnotto, diver and in the Forbes 2022 ranking of the most successful Del Paesena women in 2022, a name of Latin origin. It means: "shining". The name day is celebrated on 13 December.

26 - LIAM.

Variant of Guglielmo. It is among the male names that could be more popular in the US in 2022. It is of Germanic origin and means helmet of the will; protected by will.

27 - Chiara.

She remains one of the most followed and appreciated influencers on social networks. Chiara Ferragni has created an empire. The name Chiara is of Latin origin and means "shining and luminous".

28 - SERGIO.

Sergio Ramos and Sergio Aguero, of Real Madrid and Manchester City, are among the most influential players in 2022. Could Sergio be in the right name for your baby? Of Latin-Etruscan origin, this name means "curator, guardian".

29 - MIA.

Anglo-American and multilingual variant of Mary.

30 - FRAME.

Of Latin origins. It means consecrated and dedicated to Mars, god of war. Nameday: 25 April, 16 April and 21 June.


Name of Hebrew-Aramaic origin which means "woman who listens". Among the people who bear this name, Samantha Cristoforetti.


If yours is a Juventus fan, he will certainly know defender Giorgio Chiellini. Giorgio is a name of Greek origin and means "he who works the land".

33 - ADELE.

Name of Germanic origin. It means: "noble". The name day is celebrated on December 24th. Among the famous people with this name, Adele, British singer-songwriter.

34 - GIULIO.

Name of Latin origin. It means: "he who descends from Jupiter". The name day can be celebrated on January 31st.

35 - AGNESE.

It comes from the Greek. It means: "pure", "chaste". The name day is celebrated on January 21st. "Agnese" is the title of a song by Ivan Graziani from 1979.

36 - DIEGO.

Of Greek origin. It means: "educated, learned, cultured". Nameday: 12th November. Among the famous people, the actor Del Paeseno Diego Abatantuono.


Name composed of Mary and Magdalene: it is the German variant of Maddalena. Meaning: coming from or native of Magdala (Jewish Migdal). Nameday: 22 July (Mary Magdalene, mentioned in the Gospel of Saint Luke, was the first witness of the Resurrection of Jesus from the Sepulcher…); 25 and 29 May (Santa Maria Maddalena de 'Pazzi); June 16 (Saint Mary Magdalene Postel the virgin).

38 - PETER.

Name of Latin origin. It means: "Stone, rock". Nameday: June 29th.

39 - LEA.

It comes from the Latin and means "lioness". The name day is celebrated on March 22 in memory of Santa Lea of ​​the city.

40 - JACOPO.

Hebrew-Aramaic origin. It means: "faithful follower of God". Nameday April 13th.

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