Names inspired by the British royal family, the most popular among the Queen's relatives

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At the birth of a new royal baby in the British royal family, media attention turns on and this time it's the turn of the Princess Eugenie of York, grandson of Queen Elizabeth, who announced she was pregnant with her first child. The full real name is open: what will the sovereign's ninth great-grandson be called? Royals have no difficulty choosing the baby's name because they have a tradition of fine and elegant girl names and refined boy names that have been passed down for generations. Bookmakers say that Princess Eugenie's daughter will choose one of the names inspired by the British royal family: among the most popular names for girls there are:

  • Alice
  • Grace
  • Victoria
  • Alexandra
  • Diana
  • Isabella

What if it's a boy? People reports that among the names in the running there are Thomas, Godfrey, George e Charles.

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Names inspired by the British royal family, the most beautiful

Female names inspired by the British royal family

It is no coincidence that one of the favorite names of British bookmakers for Princess Eugenie's first child is there Alice: this name with a beautiful meaning (it means "noble and beautiful") is that of the mother of Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth. The same name Elizabeth is much loved, so much so that Kate Middleton used it as the middle name of her second child, Princess Charlotte (whose full name is Charlotte Elizabeth Diane). It is never used as a main name so as not to overshadow the sovereign, the only one at the time that she bears this name in the family.

Obviously, Meghan cannot be missing, a very popular name in 2022 especially in Great Britain, immediately after the entry of Meghan Markle in the family. The name Megan in Del Paeseno comes from Margherita, another name very dear to the whole royal family due to her noble and aristocratic origins.

Of course, among the most loved female names with a royal flavor, of course Lady Diana he is very much appreciated: at the moment it is once again Princess Charlotte who bears him as the third name. The other names inspired by the British royal family, its history and the royals that have made it great over the centuries are:

  • Beatrice, as the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth, daughter of Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew
  • Eugenia, also the Queen's niece
  • Anna, as the beloved second child of the sovereign
  • Sofia, as the Countess of Wessex and the Queen's daughter-in-law
  • Camilla, the wife of Prince Charles and at the center of one of the most followed pink scandals of all time
  • Victoria, before Queen Elizabeth the one and only Queen of England was her
  • Catherine as Catherine Middleton, Prince William's wife and one of the most beloved modern royalty
  • Margaret from Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth's younger sister

Male names inspired by the British royal family

Among the most popular names and used not only as the main name but also as a middle name there are also male names coming from the heirs to the British throne:

  • William as Prince William, the next king of England
  • Charles, as the Queen's first son and next heir to the throne
  • Henry, like Prince Harry who has recently left his duties in the Royal Family
  • Edward, the last son of Queen Elizabeth and the youngest of the four
  • Riccardo, a name that comes from the royal families of the past
  • Philip, Queen Elizabeth's husband for more than 65 years

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