Nanna newborn, what is the best music to make him fall asleep?

Nanna newborn, what is the best music to make him fall asleep?

All slow-paced music, but also just the sound of a music box, as long as it is sweet (not very metallic), they can be useful for encouraging the baby to sleep.


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But be careful: there are children on whom any music has an exciting effect, therefore contrary to that hoped for. Therefore, there are no universally valid rules and advice, because every child can react in a very personal way, not infrequently opposite to that of a peer, even if usually cheerful music (such as marches) does not reconcile the sleep of the little ones.

In addition to the rhythm, the pitch and harmony of the musical composition must also be considered: high sounds, even if slow, can be perceived as annoying while the resonances of low sounds generally relax. Better a clarinet than a violin, then.

The ideal is to proceed by trial and error, always choosing sounds that at least theoretically can be relaxing. If a certain sound doesn't work, you can try another one until you find the right one for your baby.

#It is not true that you get better results with music than with vocals. The lullaby sung in a soft, low tone by mum or dad can have the same calming effect as a slow piece of classical music.

(Advice from the Paesena Society of Pediatric Primary Care)

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