Natural childbirth, 10 videos found on the web

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Natural childbirth: the best videos

That of delivery it is a unique and unforgettable moment that some women choose to film for and immortalize forever, to share the joy of the new birth with friends and family, as well as to relive it even after many years.

Here is 10 video di Natural childbirth found on the web, where the involvement not only of mothers but also of the people who assist them is evident. An experience that unites the family and prepares it to welcome the unborn child in the best possible way.

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  • The sweetness of natural childbirth
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  • Natural childbirth: tenderness of the couple
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  • Natural childbirth with hypnosis
  • Natural twin birth
  • natural birth and foot
  • Natural childbirth in the car
  • Natural childbirth with epidural
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1. Natural water birth

A natural birth in water in which the entire terminal part of the expulsion of the fetus is carried out by the parturient who alone, breathing adequately and with synchronized thrusts, gives birth to her baby girl.


Childbirth in the water, everything that happens in 24 images

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Pain, the first phase of labor and dilation times decrease: that in water is a sweet birth, which is why more and more women choose this mode to ...

2. The sweetness of natural childbirth

In this video, a mother tells about her natural birth: an experience that is explained step by step and that shows all the sweetness and determination of a birth. After long hours of labor, mom pushed for about an hour before giving birth to her wonderful baby girl.

3. Natural childbirth in nature

100% natural: it is the birth of the mother who has chosen to give birth to her fourth child in the Daintree Forest, the oldest rainforest in the world.

"An experience that has had a profound positive effect on my motherhood and my children," she explains.

4. Natural childbirth: tenderness of the couple

In this video, mom and dad live the moment of childbirth together from start to finish. A very sweet birth in one's home, prepared to welcome the unborn child.

5. Natural home birth

On the occasion of the two years of her little Christian, Vanna told us about her incredible home birth with the help of her husband. An unforgettable and exciting experience in the video, which shows the final moments of labor and the baby's coming into the world, the most beautiful moment in the life of her parents.


6. Natural childbirth with hypnosis

A very special natural birth: Bryson's mother wanted a birth without the aid of medicines but was frightened by the pain she might feel. For this reason she has chosen to give birth with the help ofhypnosis.

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7. Natural twin birth

Un twin birth triple and all natural: from ultrasound to labor, here is the exciting birth of triplets.

8. Natural and foot childbirth

It may happen that the baby, despite the approach of birth, has not yet turned around and, instead of having his head positioned in the mother's pelvis, appears in the breech position. A birth that is certainly more difficult but not impossible if helped by the right medical team, as this video demonstrates.

9. Natural childbirth in the car

A very special and unbelievable birth: this young mother gives birth to her baby in the car, all while her partner continues to drive - and film - with a certain tranquility. 

10. Natural childbirth with epidural

This mother chose instead to give birth to her baby with a vaginal birth but with an epidural.

Questions and answers

Episiotomy. What is it and when is it done?   

The episiotomy, the incision that is made in the perineum, between the vagina and the anus, is often indispensable to help the baby get out and to prevent this, coming out abruptly, tearing the tissues. After delivery, the wound will be disinfected and sutured with stitches that will fall out spontaneously.

Caesarean section, when is it done?   

An emergency caesarean is used when fetal suffering is highlighted through the path with the baby's heartbeat slowed down or perhaps the dilation is blocked or the head gets stuck and fails to descend through the birth canal.

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