Natural remedies in pregnancy: what they are and how to use them

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Natural remedies in pregnancy

During pregnancy, drugs should be used with great caution and always only after talking to your doctor. Many medicines are not recommended and should be avoided, but at the same time we can resort to natural remedies to manage small very common ailments, from headaches to nausea. So let's make the point about which are the natural remedies in pregnancy more effective and recommended, remembering that natural does not always mean safe and free of side effects. Some products could interfere with any treatments we are following or cause pleasant side effects: this is the case of willow bark, for example, which lowers fever, and which if used or dosed incorrectly can cause contractions prematurely. Better to play it safe and ask "your" homeopathy expert! Whether it is the midwife, the pharmacist or a gynecologist.

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  • Natural remedies for nausea in pregnancy
  • For sensitivity to odors
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  • Natural remedies for swollen and heavy legs and feet
  • Natural remedies for low blood pressure
  • Natural remedies for sleeping
  • Remedies for meteorism
  • Natural remedies for gastrointestinal disorders
  • Natural remedies for colds
  • Natural remedies for fever in pregnancy
  • Headache remedies
  • Remedies for pain in the ligaments of the uterus
  • Natural remedies for back pain
  • Against calf cramps
  • Natural remedies for toothache

Natural remedies for nausea in pregnancy

That your life will change from now on, perhaps for the first time you felt it when you felt bad. Nausea and vomiting almost always end around the XNUMXth week of pregnancy. Until then in the evening you should put some peppermint tea in a thermos next to the bed and take a couple of sips before getting up.

During the day it can help you chew continuously raw vegetables cut (e.g. carrots, kohlrabi, cucumbers), wholemeal biscuits, pumpkin seeds or rusks. L'Arsenicum album D6 relieves nausea, which goes hand in hand with retching and the feeling of weakness (five blood cells three times a day). Traditional Chinese medicine recommends chewing a root of ginger.

For sensitivity to odors

Some researchers assume that behind the olfactory sensitivity of pregnant women lies the high concentration of female sex hormones. It is possible that nature wants moms to "sniff out" harmful substances in food. The tendency to nausea would therefore often be amplified. Here can help homeopathic medicine Sepia D6 (standard dose: five globules three times a day).


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Natural remedies for tiredness and exhaustion

Sometimes feeling low is part of pregnancy.

For exhaustion

Who wants to get rid of the sadness you can try essences - for example a mix of happiness-giving oils such as angelica, bergamot and geranium or rose, rosewood and cedarwood. Hypericum herbal tea is also good against bad moments: pour 250 ml of water on two teaspoons of hypericum, bring to a boil, leave to infuse for five minutes and filter. Drink it two or three times a day according to this dosage.

For fatigue

This is also a phenomenon of the first weeks: fatigue. As often as you can, give yourself a little break to catch your breath. If you can even lie down, so much the better: put your feet against the wall so that the pelvis is more or less at 45 ° and fully extend the knee; so you relax and at the same time do something for your veins.

Natural remedies for swollen and heavy legs and feet

Would you gladly jump for joy for your baby, but can't because your legs are heavy and your feet are swollen? If more liquid reaches the tissues from the veins, a light draining infusion will help: pour 250 ml of boiling water over two teaspoons of pear leaves, filter after ten minutes and drink up to three cups a day. It's good for you: in the morning, massage your legs with a mix of calendula oil and almond oil and a few drops of lemon grass, yarrow and cypress.

Natural remedies for low blood pressure

If you already have low blood pressure, it will go under your shoes during pregnancy. Remedy: lots of exercise in the fresh air, or acupressure. The "sea of ​​energy" point is two fingers below the navel: massage this point for one minute with light pressure with thumb and forefinger.

Natural remedies for sleeping

Seven out of ten pregnant women suffer from sleep disturbances and insomnia. Mixtures of infusions with tranquilizing principles of valerian, hops and lemon balm are available in pharmacies and herbalists. An infusion of Papaver rhoeas is worth trying: pour a spoonful of dried poppy seeds into 250 ml of boiling water. Filter after ten minutes. Small bags with lavender flowers near the pillow can also help. To sleep better you can also use the mineral biochemical salt n. 7 (Magnesium phosphoricum, in the pharmacy). Let the tablets dissolve slowly in your mouth about a quarter of an hour before going to bed. If you fall asleep badly before going to bed, take a warm foot bath (38 to 40 degrees) with pine essence or lavender oil.

Remedies for meteorism

Having air in your belly now is particularly annoying. This herbal tea will do you good: pour a tablespoon of a mix of peppermint leaves, marjoram, calamus root and thyme in 200 ml of boiling water and filter everything after ten minutes. Drink a cup after each meal. Massaging is also good: pour three drops of basil oil in 100 ml of almond oil; gently massage your belly in a clockwise direction. Lycopdium D12 also helps in the case of a very tight belly (take five blood cells three times a day).

Natural remedies for gastrointestinal disorders

We now come to the natural remedies for diarrhea, constipation and hemorrhoids.

To prevent constipation and hard stools

In the evening, soak four or five prunes in a cup, eat them in the morning and drink the cooking water. In case of constipation if you do not go to the body and in case of dry stools Alumina D6 helps (take five blood cells three times a day).

Against diarrhea

Take a tablespoon of dried cranberry five or six times a day (chew very well) or a tablespoon of oat flakes with some milk or apple juice (chew well here too).

Against hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a sign that the vessel walls are softer than before. To avoid and treat this phenomenon, take a 15-minute bath once a day with a decoction of oak bark. Then pour two or three tablespoons of oak bark into a liter of cold water, bring the liquid to a slow boil and simmer for five minutes, then pour the liquid into the bath water.

Against heartburn

Almost all women in the last few weeks suffer from heartburn. For one or two weeks, drink 250 ml of white cabbage juice per day (organic shop, pharmacy) or chew a piece of calamus root several times a day (long chewed hazelnuts also help). An infusion of centaury or absinthe before meals can also relieve pain: put a teaspoon of the herbs in 250 ml of cold water, let it rest for six to ten hours, stir occasionally and reheat before drinking.

Natural remedies for colds

In case of cooling, an exudative cure helps with an infusion consisting of 30 grams of elderflower and chamomile flowers and 40 grams of linden flowers. Pour a heaping teaspoon of this mixture into a cup of boiling water, leave to infuse for five minutes, strain and drink hot.

If you have a stuffy nose or you have a cold, do some fumigations with peppermint, eucalyptus, thyme, mountain pine and chamomile essences. In most cases, the most severe colds are treated with infrared.

Natural remedies for fever in pregnancy

The fever is not a danger to the baby, but if it stays for a few days or if it is very high (above 39 degrees), it is better to go to the doctor! To lower fever, among other things, cold compresses on the calves are effective.

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Headache remedies

In case of tension headache or migraine type, lavender can help: simply massage the nape of the neck and temples with a few drops or lie down with a cold damp cloth on the forehead. Chinese medicine recommends massaging the "Severe Attacks" acupressure point for one or two minutes (it is on the back of the foot at the intersection of the first and second metatarsus: be careful not to massage too hard in the area of ​​the bones). It also helps many pregnant women: a cup of espresso with lemon!

Remedies for pain in the ligaments of the uterus

More than muscle aches, pains in the ligaments of the uterus feel like an annoying pull in the groin. There are hidden the pains of stretching the ligaments of the uterus that hold the uterus together with the bones of the pelvis. What relieves the pain? Moving in the water, better if followed by someone. The homeopathic medicines Aletris farinosa D6 and Aristolochia clematis D 12 (five globules three times a day) are also good.

Natural remedies for back pain

It is not only weight gain that is responsible for back pain: the relaxation of the tissues due to hormones also contributes. Pain in the sacrum is classic. In this case, hot compresses or massages with a mix of essences (jasmine, mandarin, rosemary, fir needles in jojoba oil) or a hay flower bath help. If the pains get worse when you move, Bryonia D6 may be useful. If you feel better moving, the right thing is Rhus toxicodendron D6. At first take five globules three times half an hour apart. If after two or three hours it gets better, take the same amount three times a day one hour before or one hour after a meal.

Against calf cramps

Calf cramps indicate a lack of magnesium. To avoid them, a teaspoon of honey before each meal or leg wraps with horsetail infusions are excellent. Then pour a cup of horsetail in a liter of cold water and bring to a boil; let it simmer for 15 minutes and add it all to the water in the bowl. Alternatively: you can use the biochemical mineral salts n. 2 (Calcium phosphoricum), n. 5 (Kalium phosphoricum) and n. 7 (Magnesium phosphoricum). Pick one.

Let 10 to 20 tablets dissolve in your mouth or in a glass of water and drink in small sips. The N. 7 is given with the name of "Hot Seven" in case of spasmodic pain: dissolve seven to ten tablets in hot water, boiled for a while and drink it all hot in small sips. A curiosity: against acute pains it helps to lie down with the feet firmly placed against the wall.

Natural remedies for toothache

Until your dentist's appointment you can relieve pain with clove extracts: either put a drop of this extract on the tooth that hurts you or place a clove next to the tooth and chew it carefully with the affected tooth. Belladonna D4 helps in case of persistent pain and swollen cheek, in case of piercing pain we recommend taking Coffea D12.

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