Nausea in pregnancy, since when?

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Nausea in pregnancy

Very often pregnant women suffer from nausea. In fact, 4 out of 5 women suffer from more or less frequent nausea, but generally do not have a serious impact on the life of the pregnant woman, so much so that no real therapy is necessary. Let's find out everything you need to know about it: when it starts, when it ends and how to fight it nausea in pregnancy with the most effective remedies.


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In this article

  • When does it start, how long does the nausea last in pregnancy 
  • Causes of nausea in pregnancy 
  • Remedies to combat nausea in pregnancy 
  • Good habits against nausea in pregnancy 
  • Natural remedies for nausea in pregnancy 
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When does it start, how long does the nausea last in pregnancy

In the morning you happen to suffer from nausea? This annoying ailment is common to the  50-90% of pregnant women, although the intensity of nausea is not the same for all.

Nausea in pregnancy is often referred to as "morning sickness" because it tends to show up in the morning, although it can come too after meals and at bedtime.

Those who suffer from nausea begin to experience the first symptoms as early as 7-10 days after the missed menstruation, and in any case before 9 weeks. Typically, the nausea it peaks around 12-14 weeks (when the HCG hormone peak is also maximum) and disappears by the end of the fourth month

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Causes of nausea in pregnancy

To challenge the nausea in pregnancy it is especially the hormonal change. Pregnancy, in fact, leads to an increase in progesterone and the production of Beta Hcg, which also act on the intestine and stomach, affecting the digestive process.

In addition, during pregnancy, an immune defense process triggers a greater production of gastric juices and therefore changes in the metabolism.
If, on the other hand, nausea occurs in the last months of pregnancy, the cause is of another nature: it is enlargement of the uterus, in fact, to compress the stomach causing the reflux of gastric juices into the esophagus, hence the burning sensation.

Finally, cases in which nausea in pregnancy is due to a psychological problema: some women are agitated and experience fears and anxieties that affect the nervous system. Often, among the best remedies, there is precisely that of allowing yourself a little relaxation and taking some time to devote to yourself!

Does nausea carry risks for the baby?

What is certain is that nausea is not a sign that something is going wrong, it does not interfere with the good progress of the pregnancy and nausea it does not cause any disturbance to the baby. Quite the contrary: some studies suggest that those who suffer from nausea are less likely to have an abortion than those who do not.

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Remedies to combat nausea in pregnancy

La nausea in pregnancy it is a common and passing ailment, for which there is no need for any therapy but a series of possible measures that can help us limit it and immediately feel better. There is no universal recipe that is always effective but you have to arm yourself with a lot of patience and try a few, waiting for you to find the right one for you.

Here are some remedies to relieve nausea due to pregnancy:

  • eat little and often
  • prefer salty and dry foods, such as crackers or rusks
  • do not associate liquid and solid foods
  • drink sparkling water
  • avoid coffee, tea, juices and foods that are very fatty or have strong flavors
  • no smoking and alcohol (and not just for nausea
  • chew for a long time

Power is important for limiting nausea. Try to eat as much healthily and regularly as possible. Never fast for too long and never skip meals - an empty stomach causes even more nausea.

  • Avoid all foods with very strong smells, dishes with spicy or exotic sauces. Instead, consume foods with many fibers such as wholemeal pasta, rice and bread. Also vegetable soup it can help fill you up without making you nauseous. No instead to caffeine and citrus juices, which increase acidity.
  • Eat little and often, having a snack every two hours, give preference to salty and dry foods, such as crackers or rusks, do not associate solid and liquid foods (essentially avoid drinking at meals)
  • Bevi sparkling water: it is often more tolerable than the natural one.
  • Bring some mints with you: their flavor has a strong anti-nausea power! Also it ginger has the same effect: use it as an ingredient in the dishes you cook.
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Good habits against nausea in pregnancy

In addition to eating strategies, even some small habits can help relieve nausea in pregnancy. Here are a few:

  • Do not sit too long to avoid compressing the stomach, especially after eating.
  • Don't lie down with a full stomach.
  • When you can, do it long walks, in places where the air is clean and fresh: in addition to facilitating digestion, it helps to distract you and not think too much about nausea.
  • Avoid long car journeys, as well as closed and crowded places, where the air easily stagnates.
  • No to unpleasant smells. Obviously the list is subjective, but once you have identified the smells that are most annoying to you, stay away!
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Natural remedies for nausea in pregnancy

The main natural remedies for nausea pregnant I'm:

  • ginger
  • anti-nausea bracelets
  • rehydrating popsicles and products such as citrosodine or bioketase
  • psychotherapy
  • hypnosis

A remedy with proven efficacy is it ginger. It can be taken in herbal tea, ready-made or easy to prepare even at home: just pour boiling water over a few slices of fresh or candied ginger.

As for other remedies such as i anti-nausea bracelets, which act according to the principles of acupressure, i rehydrating popsicles and products such as citrosodine and bioketase, the studies conducted have given conflicting and not definitive results, and the same is true for psychotherapy and hypnosis. In any case, there is no harm in trying.

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Questions and answers

Besides nausea, what are the symptoms of pregnancy?

T the various symptoms of a presumed pregnancy there are:

  • more sensitive breasts
  • darker nipples
  • sensitivity to odors
  • nausea

What are the remedies for nausea in pregnancy?  

Among the natural remedies that work:   

  • eat little and often
  • prefer salty and dry foods, such as crackers or rusks
  • do not associate liquid and solid foods
  • drink sparkling water
  • avoid coffee, tea, juices and foods that are very fatty or have strong flavors
  • chew for a long time

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