Nausea in pregnancy, the benefits of ginger

Perhaps it was the first alarm bell that made you realize you were pregnant. A nausea terrible to make your head spin, accompanied by the discomfort for the food and herbs and, often, also from vomiting. Know that you are not alone: ​​these disorders they are the most common inconvenience among women with a big belly. If food makes you nauseous, try ginger. Maybe together with magnesiumvitamin B1 e B6potassium e hill. A multi-pronged attack to say goodbye to nausea.

Most of the time i annoyances they have no impact on health of the fetus since in the period of initial life the baby draws on maternal reserves. So, even if you often vomit, don't worry: the little one is not affected by your eventuality malnutrition or a failure to increase weight (which, in this period, may not even happen or be limited to a maximum of three kilos).

In case of nausea, Some alimony they become real allies. Better to stay away from others instead ...

The worst? Juice oforangejuices of fruit, coffee e tea, especially on an empty stomach. Then avoid i foods too spicy and fried.

Go ahead instead a crackerscookies buckets, bread toasted, potatoescarrotscelerycerealsyogurt dried fruit.

You can take a small amount of ginger: has strong power antiemetico. In moderation yes to herbal teas a basis of lemonmint, leaves of raspberry, seeds of fennel.

In case of nausea persistent, better to do many small ones Easter during the day to keep the level of sugar in the blood. Often i foods simple - like the pasta with tomato sauce - they are the most tolerated, but it is a very subjective matter.

In addition to the tricks at the table, you can find good support against nauseainsomniaweakness e heaviness in the stomach typical of the first trimester in supplements. The combination of certain substances can actually make you feel much better. Which? Those we mentioned above (magnesiumvitamin B1 e B6potassium e hill), to add zinc e fourfolic, the best acid folio around. Choline is also known as vitamin J, although nobody actually calls it that. It is contained in the yolk ofegg, In the soya beans, in brown rice and in ginger. This explains why this supplement will alleviate some ailments, including the nausea.

Finally, stop laziness! A mild one physical activity favors the production of endorphins (have you ever heard of the happiness hormone and the welfare? It is he) who help fight the nausea.

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