Neopapà, how to help them overcome doubts and insecurities

When you are talking about maternity they always come neglected e bistrattati, as if they weren't import anti as much as the moms. For once let's talk about them, instead of us: i Pope. Indeed, i new dad. Why too much often, taken as it is from the novelty of the pregnancy and arrival of child, they pass in a bit second plan. And it is not right.

When a small, new dad take it and receive it questions on his role and its tasks. Because if those of the mum they are rather clear, on his there may be less certainties. THE Primi days, typically, the man feels a little bewildered, insecure, sometimes it almost seems to him to be stranger to the pair mother son.

Il new dad must learn a decipher the way of express of neonate, which doesn't just need food, But say contact, heat, cuddles. Which are not only up to the mum. That's why i permits from work they can be a lot to evaluate to give a help concrete to the mate: do the expenditure, filtering telephone calls, welcome kin, take care of any others children.

Il new dad will have to face feelings complex and sometimes confused, also of jealousy against this little being which absorbs all attentions area of partner. He might feel put by part and there you must be Brave not to do it weigh this thing. Talk always and a lot, try to make him to express its emozioni And its fears (that often coincide with the yours) and to resolve together doubts e perplexity. In the beginning it will not be one walk, but over time you may feel even more united.

Under the sign culture it does not push much men to lay bare sensations ed emozioni. To the sense of pride to have become fathers and in addition to the amazement for the miracle of a new one "vita", they can come out anxieties e concerns for changes that this special event entails, for the fear for example of not being capable to take in braccio or know to cuddle way their child.

Sometimes these fears they make it feel in fault, but it is absolutely not necessary: for to accept without stocks way their son, you have to give yourself time to know him, also and above all through the contact physical. And then let him take it in braccio the puppy and to sing for him, often repeating his name: even this fact apparently discounted has the power to intensify il involvement that he feels towards him.

To overcome yours uncertainties, new dad how much longer should pass time possible with neonate. Taking himself care of him, you will feel more and more sure e confident in itself as father. Make him change the diaper or do the bath: as soon as we get there hand it will feel extremely proud to have passed one test which at first it seemed impossible!

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