Newborn: better the egg or the carrycot?

Newborn: better the egg or the carrycot?
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Egg or carrycot?

When becoming a parent or expecting a child, one of the first concerns is the purchase of the passeggino. Let's try to clarify in particular two important elements of the stroller, theovetto and the spacecraft, important for the transport of the baby by car. Let's compare their characteristics.


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Baby egg: main features

Unlike the spacecraft, theovetto it is a real seat and is indicated for newborns from birth up to about 3 years of life, or up to 15 kilos of body weight.

The car seat can be fixed on strollers, or it can be mounted and unhooked at will on the car depending on the need. Generally, it is also possible to recline the back of the car seat, adapting the inclination of the car seat to the needs of the child, for example to leave it straight, slightly lying down for greater comfort, or completely reclined to make it sleep in peace.

For transportation by car, the baby car seat is the better solution than the carrycot, as its structure and shape guarantee its maximum security. Especially in the event of an impact, the egg allows the baby to be tossed as little as possible and guarantees maximum stability.

Spacecraft: main features

La spacecraft or shuttle is the typical cradle of prams for newborns, offers a very high comfort for the child thanks to the completely horizontal structure. It is suitable for newborns from 0 up to 3-6 months of life, depending on the needs and speed of growth of the little one.

It can be either fixed, as happens precisely in wheelchairs or mobile, which can be installed for example in some duo or trio stroller models. It usually is equipped with handles to be able to carry it without difficulty and prevent the child from waking up and reinforced protections in the structure to cushion any bumps.

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For the baby's back, is the carrycot or the carrycot better?

La carrycot is certainly ideal for the baby's back, as it allows the infant maximum comfort. Thanks to the padding and the increased space, the little one has the freedom to move in a horizontal structure, in a lying position, without overloading certain areas of the back. The ideal is to use the shuttle for the first months of life, and then go directly to the car seat and car seat. It is possible to optimize the costs associated with the purchase of these components opt for a trio model, a modular stroller that offers a seat, a carrycot and a carrycot with a structure that can be adapted to any seat.

Transport by car: carrycot or baby egg?

Both the carrycot and the eggs allow the baby to be transported by car, as long as they are approved for this purpose. Baby eggs are safer in the car compared to spacecraft, for which the maximum speed is 50 Km / h, otherwise we recommend the use of the classic car seat. 

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Questions and answers

What are the advantages of the egg?  

The car seat is ideal for transporting newborn children and also offers a great advantage to parents, who can detach it from the car and place it directly on the stroller structure.

Is it better to carry a carrycot or a carrycot for the baby's back?

The carrycot is ideal for the baby's back, as it allows the baby maximum comfort and freedom of movement.

Is it better to carry baby eggs or carrycots by car?

In the car, baby eggs are safer than carrycots because they go to preserve the safety of the child during car journeys, whether they are long or short.

How to travel with an egg?  

Up to 15 kg children must travel against the direction of travel. The egg must therefore be positioned in this way.

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