Newborn growth charts

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Newborn growth charts

Health checks and balances

During each follow-up visit, the pediatrician measures the length, weight and circumference of the baby's head to check its development, comparing it with a sample of peers of the same sex on the basis of percentage values. In addition, these measurements will be useful for monitor its progress over time, which is far more important than the position in a certain percentile at any given time.

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What are percentiles

Which percentile does the child correspond to

I percentiles are graphs that combine the percentage values ​​relating to weight, height and head circumference of children, divided according to gender and age. These tables are used to control thegrowth of the child and usually consider 7 percentiles (5th to 95th or 3rd to 97th).

How growth is controlled

Is the child growing up correctly?

If the baby it remains around the XNUMXth percentile for several months, it may be destined not to grow too large or to grow suddenly in childhood. On the other hand, if it has been stable at the XNUMXth percentile for a long time, but suddenly swoops down to the XNUMXth, you should start asking yourself a few questions: is sick? Is he eating enough? Is there a medical reason behind this abrupt slowdown?

How to calculate percentiles

Percentiles and growth tables

Understanding if the child is eating too much or too little is not difficult: you can calculate the percentile online with our percentile service.
Remember that each child has his own pace of growth and applications that allow you to control growth should never be substituted for visits to the pediatrician. 

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The percentile tables

Here are the percentile tables developed by the World Health Organization for the assessment of growth. The tables are broken down by gender, height and weight.

  • Weight by age girl.pdf
  • Weight by age child.pdf
  • Length for age children.pdf
  • Length by age child.pdf

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