Newborn: how do i know when the first tooth comes out?

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You can be sure that a tooth is about to come out when the gums become swollen and turgid and, especially, a white dot begins to appear on it.

Teething usually begins between five and eight months of life (age is influenced by familiarity). Generally the first to appear are the two lower central incisors, followed by the four upper central incisors. The dentition is completed, as regards the milk teeth (destined to fall out), between 18 and 24/30 months with a total of 20 teeth. It is possible that the child is bothered by the eruption of the teeth and, therefore, becomes whiny, irritable, restless.

When the gums are sore and inflamed, the child can refuse the most consistent foods or even any type of food. Dental eruption should be considered a normal, albeit sometimes painful event that does not require any special treatment.

However, to alleviate the discomfort of the little one, you can offer him a toy to rub on the gum (in the pharmacy there are various types, even to be cooled in the refrigerator) or you can pass a finger wrapped in gauze over the gum. You can also use the special anti-inflammatory gels to be applied directly on the gum: this choice must however be taken with the pediatrician.

#It is not true that teething causes fever. Such a relationship has never been proven, so the fact that the child gets sick when his teeth come out is just a coincidence.

(Advice from the Paesena Society of Pediatric Primary Care)


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