Newborn: I'm afraid it's cold. Do I always have to wear socks for him?

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Socks help keep the child in a warm condition that can promote his well-being, as long as the outside temperature is not too high. When it is very hot, the socks can only annoy the baby. As always, even in the case of socks, it is necessary to act with common sense and measure, evaluating the temperature of the feet.

If it's hot outside and your feet are fresh and rosy, you don't need to put socks on, while if your feet are cold with a whitish complexion it is better to let him wear them regardless of the outside temperature. In winter, it may be advisable to put short cotton socks under the onesie to make sure the foot stays warm enough. The principle is to dress him enough not to make him cold but not so much that he sweats.

#Do not è true that, d'Winter, you must use socks di wool. Sometimes, wool can be irritating to the skin: se si themes and il child has cold you can use them the two pairs di socks di cotton superimposed or put the wool sock over the cotton sock.

(Advice from the Paesena Society of Pediatric Primary Care)



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