Newborn on a bicycle: yes or no?

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Cycling is an ecological activity that contributes to the well-being of the whole family. But can babies be transported by bicycle? Since when can you start taking a child on a bicycle? Let's clarify these questions that more than one new parent will have asked at least once in their life. 

To find out more we interviewed Silvia Malaguti of FIAB (Federation of the Environment and Bicycle Paesena), expert in education and training for cycling in schools and co-author of the book Bimbi in ciclo - tips and best practices for cycling with the family (Ediciclo Editore).

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When can you start taking a child on a bike?

«There is no precise age, the Highway Code does not refer to an age. In any case, in the bouncer, inside the trolley, children can already be transported from very young.

In general, it is difficult to indicate the precise age of commencement of the use of the seat, because every child has his own personal development. What's crucial is that the seat should only be used when the little ones can stand up straight. To be able to stay comfortable in the seat, children must be able to stand upright and adhere to the backrest. Likewise the head must be straight. 

Up to the age of eight, children can be transported in the seat, but the transport obviously depends on the weight of the child. If the child weighs a lot, the bicycle becomes unbalanced and pedaling is more dangerous. By law, only one person can be transported on a bicycle and the weight of this must be proportionate ». 

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Transport by bike of the newborn, the rules

Bouncer in the trolley

Infants must be transported with a bouncer in the trolley. Otherwise, for children who can stand up straight there are handlebar seats (if you want to control them better).

Wheel protections

But be careful: you have to put the protections on the wheel in front to prevent the baby's feet from slipping between the spokes. The same must be done when mounting the rear seat: it is necessary to put the protections on the rear wheel. Many car seats are built on purpose in such a way as to tie children's feet, thus preventing the little ones from mistakenly putting them between the spokes. 

The precautions when loading a child on a bike

Also, when you have to pick up the child and put him in the seat, make sure that the bicycle is leaning against a pole or a wall, so that it does not fall out while you are arranging the baby. Absolutely avoid putting your child on the bike while it is standing only on a kickstand. 

Important is always put the helmet on the child, so that it is protected and that you get used to keeping it right away. If he is older, insist that he always wear it when he is alone. We adults should always wear it too ».

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