Newborn sight supplements? Here are all the answers

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Newborn sight supplements? Here are all the answers

A child who is born has a whole world to build: part of his health over the years will also depend on what happened inside mom's belly and in the first months, even years, of life. For this many maternity wards and many pediatricians compensate for any nutritional deficiencies with complements, such as the famous Vitamin D, now widespread in all neonatology of the world. They newborn sight supplements, even those apparently used by many?

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What are vision supplements

- vision supplements can be prescribed to Infants to contribute to the development of the visual function of the newborn. They are usually based on lutein e zeaxanthin. The first is a substance of natural origin with anti-oxidant properties and, in fact, protective of sight. Numerous studies highlight its ability to stop the processes of ocular aging, particularly in the cases of ophthalmic pathologies already in place, such as the macular degeneration in old age. 

La zeaxanthin is also considered an excellent ally in the prevention and treatment of eye diseases, acting on the well-being of retina, in particular of the macula and fovea. Even in this case, however, the use is recommended above all in people with ophthalmological problems and especially in elderly people who suffer a worsening of vision due to various factors.

Natural eye supplements

In fact, the two main substances used for vision supplements, namely lutein e zeaxanthin, are already present in many foods that we consume every day and which should be the basis of a correct and varied diet, especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Among these foods there are spinach, turnip, many cabbages, chard, basil, chicory, red radicchio, parsley, rocket, leeks, beetroot, peas, lettuce, broccoli, corn, egg yolk and many others. By regularly consuming these foods (but the list is, in fact, partial), you should not have any deficiencies lutein e zeaxanthin.

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Can infants take supplements?

The guidelines already provide for the intake of supplements by infants, in particular those who are breastfed, given that the formula already contains the Vitamins which are not passed on to the child through the breast milk. Vitamin D, essential for development, is obviously one of the best known and most widespread of the bone system but also for a correct development of Reindeer, arteries and tissues. In some cases, doctors may decide for a complement of Vitamin C and A, but this must remain at the absolute discretion of the specialists who will evaluate case by case. 

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Why Give Infants Eyesight Supplements?

As for the others supplements, the choice of giving newborns a complement that helps him vision development it is usually supported by an analysis of the clinical situation of the mother and, often, also of the type of nursing choice. This is because, as we said, lutein e zeaxanthin they are absorbed by the body through proper nutrition, so if the mother has a varied and complete diet during the gestation it will automatically pass these substances to the baby through the placenta. The same applies to breastfeeding: if you breastfeed your baby, through the milk he will receive the substances that you have ingested and assimilated with food. 

However, if the baby was formula-fed, the choice could be to add a supplement for the sight of the newborn to remedy any deficiencies, especially if you have doubts about the correct nutrition of the pregnant mother. 

Infant vision supplements are generally lutein and zeaxanthin based supplements that help him development of visual functions, however, used more for the elderly with ophthalmological pathologies than in children. In fact, they should have already taken enough lutein and zeaxanthin during gestation and breastfeeding. It will be the doctor, if necessary, to evaluate the prescription of a supplement. Even if these substances are not harmful and are suitable for all ages, it is in fact not recommended to do it on your own. 


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