Newborn skin: how to protect it from the cold

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Infants skin and cold

Winter frost has arrived, and cold means dry skin. Which, especially for newborns, can become a problem.

"Dryness brings with it pruritus, a symptom that is annoying on its own, "he explains May El Hachem, head of the dermatology unit of the Bambino Gesù Children's Hospital in the city. "Also, scratching the baby can facilitate the appearance of eczema, in turn already favored by the fact that the cold alters the skin barrier of the skin, making it more sensitive ".

How to protect the skin

A cream against the cold

What, then, can be done to protect the skin of babies? For El Hachem there are no doubts: protection comes through the application of one good moisturizer. "If the child has normal, not dry skin, just do it - all over the body - two or three times a week, in order not to abuse cosmetics with excipients which, in the long run, could become allergenic. On the occasion of the exits, however, better always protect your face and hands, the most exposed parts ".

"If, on the other hand, the skin is already dry - specifies the dermatologist - the cream must be applied even two or three times a dayuntil this tendency to dryness disappears. After this period it is enough to do a maintenance by applying the cream once a day. "Of course, applying does not mean" packing "the child in the cream:" Just put a sufficient amount of it for absorption with a light massage. Just like mom does with her moisturizer. "

Which cream to choose

As products, El Hachem suggests preferring those from the pharmacy:

  • hypoallergenic,
  • tested,
  • without fragrances
  • and with as few excipients as possible.

Babies and cold: how to behave?

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Is it cold outside? Go out with the children in the middle of the day anyway, it is important to let them breathe clean air, stimulate them with the light of day and encourage them ...

How to protect the lips

If the little one is very much in the cold air, the lips must also be protected, because they can easily crack. "Also in this case they exist specific creams, more effective than lip balm, and are always found in pharmacies ".

Not just creams: other measures to protect the skin

In addition to the use of specific products, however, other precautions can also help protect the delicate skin of the newborn from excessive cold, such as avoid sudden changes in temperature. "Better not to go too quickly from too hot to freezing outside, for example by turning off the car's heating a little before getting off". This is because - specifies the dermatologist - the changes alter the circulation of the skin, hindering its natural ability to thermoregulate. "This tends to dry her out further and make her redden."

And always speaking of temperatures, better do not cover the children too much, who otherwise risk sweating and encountering itching and folliculitis. As for clothes, never wool, synthetic fabrics and fleece in contact with the skin, because they can be irritating. "The cotton must always be in contact, and even for the very first baby bodysuits it is better to choose this material. To which you can then add garments in other materials ", advises El Hachem.

Baby bath yes, but with some precautions

And the bath? Some believe this should not be done, as it risks drying out the skin further. In fact, even though a newborn clearly doesn't need a lot of cleaning, a baby bath can be a nice moment of play and contact with parents, and have one relaxing function for the baby.

It is not necessary to give it up, if you take any precautions. "The important thing - underlines the expert is that it is fast, with water that is not too hot, and with a non-foaming detergent, without perfumes and with few excipients, even better an oil. After the bath, the baby's skin should be dabbed with a soft towel and protected with a thin layer of moisturizing cream. Remembering that if this is applied to the skin that is still damp it absorbs more ".

Sources for this article: Adnkronos press release and further advice from May El Hachem.

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