Newborn, that's why it's important to talk to him

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It is not true that the baby does not understand anything because he is too small and does not speak. And even if he doesn't have the ability to express himself verbally, it doesn't mean he doesn't understand what's going on around him. Indeed, we parents, we must use our language to describe situations and feelings and this is essential for the emotional health of the newborn

The magazine Baby center suggests an important reflection: it is advisable to share and tell newborns, obviously in the right way, some small and tender details, the various routines of daily life and the emotions that sometimes invade us in the post-partum period, saying, for example: " Yes, my little one, having a wet diaper is uncomfortable, we will change you "," Stay with grandma for two hours while I go to the doctor "or even" Let's go to the market to do the shopping, a place where there are bright lights and lots of people".

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The importance of communicating with the newborn

It is not a good idea to leave the baby with other people and disappear without explaining anything, with the intention of making everything "easier". Plus, be aware that even something that seems normal to us like a family visit could be stressful for a child, so it must be prepared. Otherwise, the arrival of another person could cause him distress.

Let's think about what happens to us adults: if we are at home waiting for our partner and he / she arrives after hours, claiming to be late due to an argument with the boss, we will surely tell him / her with a little anger: "If I had said it before, I wouldn't have waited for you for hours, but I would have done something else." If she had called us and said it in advance, we would have been more relaxed.

Adults want to know in advance if anyone will come to their home at a certain time. It is important to understand that this also applies to children. And this acquisition of consciousness is also very important, because it makes us aware of the present and this can become therapeutic.

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A way to stimulate the baby

The reporter Ana Hanssen of "Baby Center" told of the reactions of her baby of a few months, who laughed, opening his eyes wide in amazement, every time she sang a cartoon song with her other 3-year-old daughter.

So don't miss the chance to talk to your baby. Communicating with him, singing him a song, telling him what happens ... these are all ways to stimulate him, to show him all your love and empathy and to prepare him for the outside world, the one he is still getting used to from your arms.

The next time someone tells you that the baby does not mean and that they reject the importance of talking and explaining to the child what is happening, say "He is small and he understands".

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