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She has had a camera mounted on the tip of the surf, and for months she has taken "selfies" while riding the waves of the ocean in Australia, with stunning sunsets in the background. Nothing strange? Not really: because the protagonist of the video, obtained by assembling the dozens of photographs of months of surfing, is pregnant.

And with this video, which is now a huge hit on the Internet, 34-year-old Australian Kristi Olivares wanted to document her nine months of pregnancy: as the images scroll by, the belly, first flat like her surfboard, swells and tends to unbalance it, so much so that on her blog Kristi explains that "it becomes more and more difficult to ride the waves. The more my baby grows, the more I have to change my position because my center of gravity shifts. And I get tired much easier too. "


  • And to whom controversy over the unconsciousness of surfing during pregnancy, he replies explaining that he has taken all the necessary precautions, riding only low waves and paying particular attention to all movements. "Other surfers and those who spend a lot of time in the ocean know what I mean when I say that I take into account the size of the waves and the conditions of the water before entering the water. And my doctor, who is also a surfing enthusiast, told me. complimented me because I managed to keep myself in operation, even if he recommended me to be cautious ". (Read: the physical activities allowed in pregnancy)

    And now that the baby is born, Kristi says she feels very lucky for the support of her husband and friends. And she invites the "pregnant surfer sisters" to share with their child the joy of riding the waves together.

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