Not just Little Red Riding Hood. Here are 10 books for children to read

Once upon a time there was Little Red Riding Hood. Then came Cinderella, Snow White, Pinocchio and Peter Pan. And if the younger children are still enchanted by listening to the story of the Three Little Pigs, the older ones pass from the Harry Potter saga to the Lord of the Rings.

Yet children's books don't stop at the great classics. There are other texts to make known to the little ones because they stimulate their imagination and their emotions. We have selected ten that, through fairy tales, fairy tales and nursery rhymes, leave children important lessons: from good manners to twentieth century poetry, from the Convention on the Rights of the Child to the difference between rights and duties. (Also read 15 tinder books to entice children to read)

1. How does Giacomino feel? (Vilma Costetti and Monica Rinaldini - Being there - 14,90 euros).

Joy, love, sadness, fear ... there are many feelings and emotions that children experience. But how to express them? Giacomino accompanies the children to discover their inner world to learn how to manifest everything passing through their mind and their heart. Age of reading: from 4 years

2. With your head in fairy tales. Fables for children who think peacefully. (Roberta Verità - Erickson Study Center - € 16,00).

From the fear of judgment to the rejection of others, from self-esteem to the relationship with food and with one's body, from the separation of parents to the fear of abandonment: there are many topics covered in this book, in which the protagonists are animals that they live and express the typical emotions of children. Ten illustrated fairy tales that leave an important teaching: all that happens can be solved, just live it serenely. Age of reading: from 6 years. (Read also Why read a fairy tale to a child)

3. Stories for eating and sleeping (Elisabetta Maùti - Centro Studi Erickson Editore - 15,50).

“I'm not hungry”, “I don't like it”. And then “Il pigima no”… The moments of eating and sleeping, which should be magical for children, risk becoming a real nightmare for children and parents. The author proposes twenty funny tales to make children discover the pleasure of eating and sleeping. Age of reading: from 3 years. (You might be interested in 5 tips for reading aloud to children)

4. The word tree. Great poets from around the world for children (Donatella Bisutti - Feltrinelli - 11,00 euros).

Can poetry be taught to children? According to the author of this book, “children and poetry are unpredictable. Both belong to a kingdom over which play, intuition and fantasy have power ”. So in the book she collects and tells 73 poets from Del Paeseni and foreigners: in all 138 poems with which she tells the little ones about the poetic culture of the twentieth century. Age of reading: 11 years.

5. The manual of kind children. How to behave "grown up" (Dessanti - Elledici - 4,50 euros).

Good manners? They should be taught to children from an early age. The author of this colorful and fun booklet to read with children to teach them to behave well in all environments and all occasions is convinced of this: from family to school, from supermarket to museum, to cinema and with animals. Age of reading: from 6 years

6. Children in the woods (Beatrice Masini - Fanucci Editore - 14,00 euros).

"A story suspended in a spatial and thunderstorm limbo, poetic, painful, which digs in the souls of the boys, exploring the feelings". Thus this book is described that tells a story suspended in space and time, to travel the fantasy of the boys freely. Age of reading: from 12 years

7. Children are born to be happy (Vanna Cercenà - Fatatrac - 9,90 euros).

The author of this book has an ambitious purpose: to explain the convention on children's rights to children, using nursery rhymes and puzzles. Thus the themes of the family, protection, education, health, information become a child. Age of reading: from 3 years. (Read also The Constitution explained to children)

8. Meatballs of words (Pietro Formentini - North-South Publisher - 6,50 euros).

The words in this book are all to eat. Because “eating poetry never gives you a stomach ache. On the contrary, poetry balls bring forth many ideas, they are light and always have a different taste ”, writes the author. And, then, enjoy your reading and enjoy your meal! Age of reading: from 7 years

9. Me, me ... and the others? (Gallucci Editore - € 9,90).

Rights but also duties. This book speaks to the little ones to make them big and wise. Because if green is beautiful for children, this text teaches them that parks and gardens must be protected. Water belongs to everyone but it should not be wasted. And then the value of solidarity, tolerance, respect is explained. Age of reading: from 4 years. (Read also How to teach respect for the rules)

10. Me and good manners (Mario Corte and Francesca Carabelli - Emme Edizioni - 6,90 euros).

It is one of the main thoughts of parents: to teach good manners to their children. Here is a text that helps young and old to know how to say "thank you", "please", knowing yourself excuses and behave well at the table. Age of reading: from 6 years.

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