of the city, fetus at the cemetery with the name who aborted. The controversy breaks out

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A of the city, at the Flaminio cemetery, some women's fetuses are buried who chose to have an abortion and who did not however consent to the burial of the little bodies. Not only that: on the white crosses present are also indicated the family names of those who had or wanted to terminate the pregnancy.

The first woman to notice this place was MF, who two days ago wrote a long post on Facebook to about. The woman said that she knew nothing of this and that she discovered her name on a grave in the Flaminio cemetery. After the therapeutic interruption of pregnancy, although MF she has specified that she does not want the burial of the fetus, the latter was instead buried, and above her a white cross was placed on which the name of the woman is written.

This is not the only case, always in the same cemetery. There are also other women who have made this discovery in the media in the last few hours.

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The cemetery of the fetuses in the city, the controversy has broken out

After the discovery of MF, a controversy broke out which involved women's associations, the Privacy Guarantor, cemetery services and hospitals. There is also talk of a parliamentary question.

The burial is carried out on the basis of a 1990 mortuary police regulation, which refers to a royal decree of 1939, which provides that anyone who performs a therapeutic abortion can undertake this procedure. Therefore, the woman's consent is needed, and some have declared that they have not given it. 

For this reason, the Privacy Authority has opened an investigation. In addition, the Catholic symbol was also questioned, as none of the women had specified religious orientation. 

Discussions are open in these hours on this case, which has become a civil and secular conscience, and which has created many disputes.  

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