On holiday with children, the rules of swimming in the sea

  • How much to make them stand in the water Get the little ones out of the water at least every half hour. To warm them up, have them take off their wet swimsuit, rub them until dry, pass the towel over their hair, put something on and eventually give them something to eat. As soon as his teeth are no longer chattering and he is hot again, he can have the green light for a new bathroom.

In any case, replacing the wet swimsuit with dry clothes not only helps prevent colds but also infections. In fact, in moist and softened skin it is easier for pathogens, especially fungi, to penetrate.

  • Be careful when I'm in the water! After car accidents, drowning is the most common cause of death among children. The reason is that children's heads are relatively large and heavy and literally pulls them down. Furthermore, up to school age they reflexively close the airways on sudden contact with water. Experts speak of dry drowning. So never lose sight of your child when he is in the pool, in the paddling pool or on the beach: never, not even for a moment. The risk of drowning is not eliminated even with the fins.

  • No bathroom after eating? Bathing on a full stomach is risky. In fact, after eating your fill, your body needs a lot of energy for digestion. Diving into the water could therefore affect circulation. Sudden cold causes adrenaline to be secreted, blood pressure to rise and heart rate to increase. In the worst case, this circulatory shock can lead to unconsciousness. It is therefore advisable to bathe at least an hour and a half or two hours after a large meal.

  • Sleep well while traveling What does your baby need to fall asleep? Favorite stuffed toy, a teddy bear, a blanket, a music box, a light on? Bring them with you! Pack them together at your usual daily pace. Babies will feel more protected if their eating and sleeping times remain the same, and if they are put to bed with the same ritual. So keep the same bedtime routine that you had at home even on vacation.

If they still can't sleep, a cassette with soothing music or a glass of warm milk and honey may also help.

And finally, here is a series of activities that we suggest for your beach holidays with children.

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