On vacation with a baby bump, mountain destination

In the mountains the air is fresh and never muggy, there is no humidity and the landscape, different from what we are used to, certainly has a soothing effect.

Beware of… High altitude. Better not to exceed 1300-1400 meters above sea level, for two reasons:

- the higher the altitude, the easier it is to isolate oneself and move away from possible health facilities. Furthermore, as you go up, there may be snow-covered roads and if something unexpected happens it can be difficult to return to the valley.

- When the altitude increases, the concentration of oxygen in the air decreases: better to avoid it, because the placental system needs to collect as much oxygen as possible from the maternal organism.

Go up. Walks in the mountains must always be pleasant and must not tire you, so you have to choose flat areas and not venture into tiring and dangerous treks.

With which means of transport to leave? The best is undoubtedly the train: it does not give noticeable jolts and allows the mother to take a few steps along the corridors, in order to reactivate the circulation. The car, on the other hand, is the means that can stimulate the greatest contractile activity, so it is better to avoid long journeys by car if there are already slight uterine contractions.

If you have to travel by plane, no problem if it is a flight of half an hour to an hour; if it is a long journey, staying in the same forced position for a long time can give the risk of stagnation of the blood flow, which, in predisposed subjects, could cause the formation of thrombus. Before traveling, then, it is better to talk to your doctor, who will evaluate whether to do a little prophylaxis with heparin, a drug with an anticoagulant action.

Do not forget your health card, the folder with the exams and if you go abroad the health insurance documents

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(Consultancy: Gabriele Rossi, Medical Director of the Pathology of Pregnancy at the Clinic in our city)

Updated on 26.06.2022

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