One photo a week to tell the story of Maya's first year

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Klara Street is a photographer and graphic designer from Melbourne, Australia. Klara has been a mother for no more than a year. You wanted to document the first year of life of the little daughter Maya, taking a picture of her a week.


43 photos of Maya's first year of life

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The photos of the photographer Klara Street, which document, month by month, the first year of life of their daughter Maya. Good vision!

In the beautiful images you can observe funny poses and colorful dresses and objects, which testify to the passing of time and the physical changes of the little girl.


"With a newborn baby, time flies to the point where you just can't realize it, so I take pictures because they help me remember." - said Klara.


Here is the short presentation of the project on Klara's website: "Hi! My name is Maya and my mom has decided to take a picture of me every week. Sometimes she has fun, but sometimes hers is hard work, let me tell you. I hope you like what we are doing, we will go on for the whole first year of my life! "


Today Maya is 43 weeks old and the photographer mom already has a photo project for next year: "For her second year, I will take one photo a month, in the same position and in the same clothes, so you can see how much she grows. would like to photograph the changes in the face ".


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